4 Responses to “Russian Tea Drinking”

  1. John Gray says:

    I am corresponding with a wonderful russian ladie from Kazan, Russia
    and we were talking about tea, and I do want to make sure she has everything she likes, I went to the SuperMarket and was looking at all the different kinds of teas, even loose leaf tea as you described and Im a little confused, there are so many kinds, I want to make her feel as comfortable and at home here as much as possible but Im at a serious loss! If you have any advice for me, It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I just want her to know I care about her, the big things and ALL of the small things. THANK YOU so very much, respectfully, John Gray

  2. Jerry says:

    Any relation to Earl Grey?

    Sorry, I just had to. 😉

  3. Bruce says:

    Nice information to know! Americans’ are typically coffee drinkers. I’m both tea and coffee. Both provide antioxidants however for tea you don’t want to add milk because then you destroy the antioxidants. I personally like green tea (herbal) which has many health benefits. The Antioxidants have many health benefits.


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