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  1. I joined the HubPages membership,and recieved an intrest within days. Most of what I have read here in your alerts are similar.Her orriginal email orriginated from New York City. When questioned about this I received no answer.(she said she was in Russia!!)Nizhtny Novgorod. When I asked her to send me a hand written letter from her home address,no reply. I sent her my Mobile cell # and recieved her saying she had nu Cell phone ,It had been stolen.I offered to send her my ‘stand-by’ Nokia,with charger,and I require a ‘Safe” mailing address,and since offering this, 15th July, I have recieved no emails/contact, from her. I have sent several emails requesting why her absence. She has stated at length,in her last email(15 July,today is now 30th July) how she adores children,wants to walk hand in hand,prepare meals,ect. I smell a RAT!! regards Glenwyn.

  2. Frank says:

    I have corresponded over the Internet with a Russian woman who professes her love for me. I have seen photos, do not know if this person is the one I correspond with. She wants to come to America, get married, but need $1,350 for expenses. I have a name, date of birth and home address. Can you check and verify if this person is actual. And, what is your fee for your service. You think I would know better as I am a retired police officer. Thank you

  3. Frank says:

    Will you reply be sent to my email address?

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