8 Responses to “Russian Mail Order Bride-“RETURN TO SENDER””

  1. irlandes41 says:

    what are some of the most reputable foreign matchmaking services?

  2. Rick says:

    How can you tell if it’s true

    Let me tell you about my situation I was contacted a couple of months via internet site from this russian woman, we have sent e-mails every day since the first contact. She wants to come here and marry me. she is very beautiful and I would not hesitate to marry her and bring her to canada. I know there is a cost and have no problem finding the funds to accomplish this. My question is how do you know its not a scam just to have you send money. I don’t think it is and I don’t think it would bother me if it were a scam but how do you find out without sending the cash Thanks Rick

    • Mike says:

      Go to her country and meet her before you send her any money. The trip is not very expensive and that way you will know for sure.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Get contacts her address. Then mail flowers to her with video. Just make sure you tell her u want to see how nice she looks and happy she can be near her home town . That materialistics are not so important as love is. Of course if you dont mean that then dont even speak to her anymore .. I think u knew that last part of course.
    The video proofs that she is who she says she is and shes at least 80% honest. No one is perfect. Its worth meeting her and learning more about her. be honest about your financial situations without being sound like unprotective to her. IF u need time to save to go then tell her. better to be excepted right away for who you are and know it , then to play games in russia,ukraine or europe.. etc.

    I have lived in south russia . Women in there are same as here. Much variety and problems variety. U can find more home focused women , but u must look smaller towns, or home and buisness with good intentions,, in biggest city..
    Yet u can find great women anywhere by meeting. And dont jump into bed with them just get close and public and wait. Thew girls like usa girls, want a good man, but some can mistaken keeping one, for fantasy idea of marriage through misleading things like sex before commitment of marriage.
    And life time freind. make sure u click before u kiss etc..
    I find myself more attracted to ukriane,russian,and women over the sea. alaways have. i really think its because of the character , and inner heart, reflection on outside appearance and a big part…. of bloodline.. I believe many usa men have 200 yrs ago roots to this areas.. this is why.
    Im oldest of swedish,german,italilan areas of bloodline.. Its a guess. but for me, being captivated by them allot , in both looks and communication and lifestye is why.
    JEff p.s. usa women are out there who have same. most married 2 tiems or more, and some just plan not plan to marry. and ohter , just not active enough to keep up with my fast pace, tempo

  4. TIM says:


  5. Daniel says:

    I was contacted by a woman who wrote me beautiful letters and almost got me. My son Googled some of the phrases and included Russian dating scam with the phrases. Sure enough, there was “her ” Letters word for word with another woman’s name addressed to another man. If you reply at all, they do not read the email. they just see that you bit and replied and send you the next letter. Do not reply to the next 2 or 3 letters and they will stop. they always include pictures of young beautiful women. It is a masterpiece of psychological writing almost guaranteed to tough your heart. Watch out if they contact you out of the blue, unsolicited.

  6. diablo3 says:

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  7. Kenny Frederick says:

    I met my Russian fantasy on a language learning center. She has written me over 100 letters and I her the same. I know how real and sincere she is. We met and traveled in Europe. She sent me an invitation and now I go to be with her for three months. If it works out. Who knows what’s next. Now, the short and tall of it all is, she is financially secure and 27 years younger than I. Doesn’t want to come to America. OK. Now scratch your heads. I am 80 years old and going strong.

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