From Life to Life: Illustrations and Anecdotes for the Use of Religious Workers and for Private Meditation
The Ingersoll Lecture, 1921: Immortality and Theism
The Shepherd Kings of Egypt
Archeological Research in Bible Lands
Free Methodist Hymnal
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Othello; Antony and Cleopatra; Cymbeline; Pericles
Three Years Adventures, of a Minor, in England, Africa, the West Indies, South-Carolina and Georgia
An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, and Its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary and India: Comprising a View of the Afghaun Nation and a History of the Dooraunee Monarchy
Assyrian and Babylonian Literature: Selected Translations, With a Critical Introduction
Hymns and Poems for the Sick and Suffering
Historical and Genealogical Record: Dutchess and Putnam Counties, New York
An Elementary Treatise on Curves, Functions, and Forces: Containing Calculus of Imaginary Quantities, Residual Calculus, and Integral Calculus
The Aborigines of Victoria: With Notes Relating to the Habits of the Natives of Other Parts of Australia and Tasmania
The Story of Musical Form
The New Continent: Part 1: The Red Man's Continent; Part 2: Elizabethan Sea Dogs
Stationary Steam Engines, Simple and Compound: Especially as Adapted to Light and Power Plants
The Nearer and Farther East, Outline Studies of Moslem Lands and of Siam, Burma, and Korea
The Discovery of America: An Out-Growth of the Conquest of the Moors
Physiology and Pathology of the Semicircular Canals: Being an Excerpt of the Clinical Studies of Dr. Robert Barany With Notes and Addenda Gathered From the Vienna Clinics
Lessons in the Science of Infinite Spirit, and the Christ Method of Healing
The Families and Genera of Marine Gammaridean Amphipoda
The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom: Extant, Extinct, or Dormant; Ab Adam to Basing
Autobiography of Peter Cartwright: The Backwoods Preacher
The Imperial Gazetteer of India: Ganjam to Indi
Genealogy of the Lyman Family, in Great Britain and America: The Ancestors and Descendants of Richard Lyman, From High Ongar in England, 1631
Seneca's Morals: By Way of Abstract; To Which Is Added a Discourse, Under the Title of an After-Thought
The History of England: From the Accession of James the Second
Yuba County, California: Its Resources and Advantages
An Universal History, From the Creation of the World, to the Empire of Charlemagne: Translated From the French
The White Conquest of Arizona: History of the Pioners
Thermonuclear Plasma Containment in Open-Ended Systems: September 30, 1960
The Czechs of Cleveland
An Account of the Scottish Psalter of 1566: Containing the Psalms, Canticles, and Hymns, Set to Music in Four Parts, in the Manuscripts of Thomas Wode or Wood, Vicar of Sanctandrous
Talks on Writing English
The Life of Louis Claude De Saint-Martin the Unknown Philosopher, and the Substance of His Transcendental Doctrine
The Celt and the World: A Study of the Relation of Celt and Teuton in History
Stable Hints: Care and Preservation of Carriages, Harness, Riding Saddles, Etc
Why Do We Study Mathematics: A Philosophical and Historical Retrospect
Twenty Years Residence Among the People of Turkey: Bulgarians, Greeks, Albanians, Turks, and Armenians
Guide to Buddahood: Standard Manual of Chinese Buddhism
The Kelt or Gael: His Ethnography, Geography, and Philology
Simple Soldering: Both Hard and Soft, Together With Descriptions Home-Made Apparatus Necessary for the Art
Automobile Laboratory Manual: Projects for the Study of Engines, Carburetors, Electrical Systems, and Mechanisms, Their Construction, Operation, Adjustment and Repair
Practical Harmony
Shoes of All Kinds and Styles: Department C, Men's and Boys Shoes
An Explanation of the Organ Stops: With Hints for Effective Combinations
Your Bird Friends and How to Win Them
French Words and Expressions Used in English: Familiar Phrases in English and French for Travellers; Familiar Expressions, Bills of Fare With English Equivalents
Decamp Genealogy: Laurent De Camp of New Utrecht, 1664 and His Descendants
The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings
Text-Book of Physical Chemistry
Astronomy: A Popular Handbook
Gas, Gasoline and Oil-Engines, Including Producer-Gas Plants: A New, Complete and Practical Work on Gas, Gasoline, Kerosene, and Crude Petroleum Oil-Engines
Botany for Beginners
An Honest Dollar: The Basis of Prosperity
Knife Work in the School-Room
The Sources of the Law of England: An Historical Introduction to the Study of English Law
Arya Samaj and Politics: Substance of a Lecture Delivered by Munshi Ram on the Occasion of the 31st Anniversary of the Lahore Arya Samaj
Reading and the Mind: With Something to Read
Brahma-Knowledge: An Outline of the Philosophy of the Vedanta, as Set Forth by the Upanishands and by Sankara
Sappho: In the Added Light of the New Fragments Being a Paper Read Before the Classical Society of Price College, 22nd February 1912
Sand-Buried Ruins of Khotan: Personal Narrative of a Journey of Archaeological and Geographical Exploration in Chinese Turkestan
The Present Conflict of Ideals: A Study of the Philosophical, Background of the World War
The Pancreas: Its Surgery and Pathology
Ecclesiastical Law and Rules of Evidence: With Special Reference to the Jurisprudence of the Methodist Episcopal Church
The Auto-Biography of Goethe: Truth and Poetry; From My Own Life
History of European Morals: From Augustus to Charlemagne
The Book: Its History and Development
Sacred Writings: Christian (Part II), Buddhist, Hindu, Mohammedan; With Introductions, Notes and Illustrations
Lyon Memorial: New York Families, Descended From the Immigrant, Thomas Lyon, of Rye
Combined History of Randolph, Monroe and Perry Counties, Illinois: With Illustrations Descriptive of Their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of Some of Their Prominent Men and Pioneers
Transactions of the Kansas State Historical Society, 1897 1900: Together With Addresses at Annual Meetings, Memorials, and Miscellaneous Papers
Warren-Adams Letters: Being Chiefly a Correspondence Among John Adams, Samuel Adams, and James Warren; 1778-1814
The Evidence in the Case: A Discussion of the Moral Responsibility for the War of 1914, as Disclosed by the Diplomatic, Records of England, Germany, Russia, France, and Belgium
The Memoirs of Rufus Putnam: And Certain Official Papers and Correspondence
In Darkest Africa: Or the Quest, Rescue and Retreat of Emin, Governor of Equatoria
Fabiola, or the Church of the Catacombs
The Israel of the Alps: A Complete History of the Waldenses and Their Colonies; Prepared in Great Part From Unpublished Documents
Worry and Nervousness, or the Science of Self-Mastery
The History of the English General Baptists: The New Connection of General Baptists
Eugenics: The Science of Human Improvement by Better Breeding
The Cummings Memorial: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Isaac Cummings, an Early Settler of Topsfield, Massachusetts
Leland: An Historical Sketch
Elements of Lettering: A Treatise on the History, Classification, and Practical Application of the Various Styles of Letters of the Alphabet
Brief Memoirs of Thomas Shipley and Edwin P. Atlee: Read Before the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, &C, Tenth Month, 1837
Pine Bluff and Jefferson County, Arkansas: Descriptive Pamphlet; Feb; 22, 1895
A Sketch of the Town of Summerville, South Carolina
Electro-Plating Made Easy: The Silver Plater's Handbook; A Clear and Comprehensive Treatise on the Art of Gold, Silver and Nickel Plating, Either With or Without the Aid of the Electric Current
The Nile Quest: A Record of the Exploration of the Nile and Its Basin
Thirty Years of Musical Life in London: 1870 1900
The Art and Craft of Cabinet-Making: A Practical Handbook to the Construction of Cabinet Furniture, the Use of Tools, Formation of Joints, Hints on Designing and Setting Out Work, Veneering, Etc
The Naval War of 1812: Or the History of the United States Navy During the Last War With Great Britain; To Which Is Appended an Account of the Battle of New Orleans
Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries: Within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and Excavations, in Egypt and Nubia
The Gael and Cymbri; Or an Inquiry: Into the Origin and History of the Irish Scoti, Britons, and Gauls, and of the Caledonians, Picts, Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons
Scottish Metaphysics: Reconstructed in Accordance With the Principles of Physical Science
Health and Happiness: An Elementary Text Book of Personal Hygiene and Physiology Based on Catholic Principles
Marriage and the Sex-Problem
Teaching English Usage
A Revised and Enlarged Account of the Bobbili Zemindari
London: And Its Government
The Secret Treaties of Austria-Hungary: 1879-1914
The Crusades and the Crusaders
The Story of Islam
Colonel Ninian Beall
London: Past and Present
Loreto and the Holy House: Its History Drawn From Authentic Sources
Bees-Wax: Its Economical Uses and Conversion Into Money
The Copeland Method: A Complete Manual for Cleaning, Repairing, Altering and Pressing All Kinds of Garments for Men and Women, at Home or for Business
The Bell Family in America: Being an Account of the Founders and First Colonial Families, an Official List of the Heads of Families of the Name Resident in the United States in 1790 and a Bibliography
Francis Lyford of Boston and Exeter, and Some of His Descendants
Storyology: Essays in Folk-Lore, Sea-Lore, and Plant-Lore
Therapeutic Methods: An Outline of Principles Observed in the Art of Healing
The Coleman Family: Descendants of Thomas Coleman, of Nantucket, in Line of the Oldest Son, 10 Geneartions, 1602 to 1898 296 Years
Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public: With a Review of the Work From Blackwood's Magazine, and an Article on Corpulency Leanness From Harper's Weekly
The Rise of the London Money Market: 1640 1826
In Wild Rhodesia: A Story of Missionary Enterprise, and Adventure in the Land Where, Livingstone Lived, Laboured and Died
Autobiography of Madame Guyon
A Manual of Natural Therapy
Electro-Homoeopathic Medicine: A New Medical System Being a Popular and Domestic Guide Founded on Experience
Cromwell's Own: A Story of the Great Civil War
The Kensington Rune Stone
The Perfect Dressmaking System
Gardening With Brains: Fifty Years Experiences of a Horticultural Epicure
Pickle for the Knowing Ones
How to Make Individual Dress-Forms
History of Jan Van Cleef of New Utrecht, L. I., N. Y. (1659): And Some of His Descendants
How to Play Croquet: A Pocket Manual of Complete Instruction for All Players
The Old Wives Tale
Outlines of the History of Religion: To the Spread of the Universal Religions
Institutes of Ecclesiastical History: Ancient and Modern
Principles of Osteopathy
State Government in the United States
The White Peacock: A Novel
The Englishman's House: A Practical Guide for Selecting or Building a House
Ante-Nicene Christian Library: Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to A. D. 325
West Virginia Geological Survey: Part I. The Living Flora of West Virginia; Part II. The Fossil Flora of West Virginia
Prehistoric Religion: A Study in Prehistoric Archaeology
The Teaching of Elementary Mathematics
Cressy Poictiers: The Story of the Black Prince's Page
Founders of Modern Psychology
The House of Stuart and the Cary Family: James II and Torre Abbey
Historical Record of Nameaug Engine Co: Together With an Original Poem, Read at the Re-Union, February 22nd, 1871, Also, a List of Its Members From Its Organization to the Present Time
Historical Sketch of Stokesay Castle Salop
Home Draping Simplified: The Ymass Methods of Cutting and Making Draperies
The Doctrine of Maya: In the Philosophy of the Vedanta
Reminiscences, Historical and Traditional of the Grants of Glenmoriston: With Selections From the Songs and Elegies of Their Bards
The Hill Tracts of Arakan
Jack's Manual on the Vintage and Production, Care and Handling of Wines, Liquors, Etc: A Handbook of Information for Home, Club, or Hotel, Recipes for Fancy Mixed Drinks and When and How to Serve
Plato and Platonism: A Series of Lectures
The Traditional Games of England, Scotland and Ireland: With Tunes, Singing Rhymes and Methods of Playing According to the Variants Extant and Recorded in Different Parts of the Kingdom
Music: Its Laws and Evolution
Wall Street Accounting a Description of the Business of Brokerage, Its Accounting Records and Procedure
Christianity in Talmud and Midrash
The Cathedrals of Northern Spain, Their History and Their Architecture
Life of Roger Brooke Taney: Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Carleton's Hand-Book of Popular Quotations
Study of the Orders
Outlines of Universal History: From the Creation of the World to the Present Time
An Island Story: A Child's History of England
The Writings of Ivan Panin
The Mental State of Hystericals a Study of Mental Stigmata and Mental Accidents
The Way to a Man's Heart: Cook Book
Ciceronianus: Or a Dialogue on the Best Style of Speaking
The Pinafore Picture Book: The Story of H. M. S. Pinafore
First Outlines of Logic, Applied to Grammar and Etymology
History of Propellers and Steam Navigation: With Biographical Sketches of the Early Inventors
Chosen Peoples: The Hebraic Ideal Versus the Teutonic
Paul and Jesus
Canadian School Geography
The Fruit of the Homeless Life: The Samannaphala Sutta
Florence Nightingale: A Biography
The Travels of Peter Mundy in Europe and Asia, 1608-1667
The Vishnu Purana: A System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition
George Croghan and the Westward Movement, 1741-1782: The Indian Trader
Robotics Research Technical Report: On the General Motion Planning Problem With Two Degrees of Freedom
The Inverse Scattering Problem in Geometrical Optics and the Design of Reflectors: January, 1958
Ionospheric Propagation of Plane Waves: August 1953
The Forgotten Man and Other Essays
The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night: From the Arabic of the AEgyptian M. S
Man's Survival After Death
The Self-Revelation of God
The History of the Anglo-Saxons: From the Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest
The Material Culture of Pueblo Bonito
A Treatise on the Theory of Alternating Currents
The German Emigration to America: 1709-1740
The Petrol Engine: A Text-Book Dealing With the Principles, of Design and Construction, With a Special Chapter on the Two-Stroke Engine
Harmony: Appendix Containing One Hundred Graduated Exercises
Isle of Man
A Marriage Has Been Arranged: A Duologue, a Comedy in One Act
The Man With the Iron Hand: Chevalier Henry De Tonty's Exploits in the Valley of the Mississippi
Spiritualism: A Satanic Delusion, and a Sign of the Times
Mechanical Drawing: Projection Drawing, Isometric and Oblique Drawing, Working Drawings, a Condensed Text for Class Room Use
Jake Kilrain's Life and Battles: Also, a Complete History of the Great International Prize Fight With Jem Smith for $10, 000, the Police Gazwtte Diamond Belt and Championship of the World
Mr. John Francis, of the Athenaeum: On the Plan of Sir Rowland Hill
The Dwellers on the Nile: Or Chapters on the Life, Literature, History and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians
Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Elements of the Kinematics of a Point and the Rational Mechanics of a Particle
Economy Cook Book
Navaho Legends: Collected and Translated
The Teaching of Jesus in Parables
The American Geologist: A Monthly Journal of Geology and Allied Sciences, July to December, 1897
Gnomon of the New Testament: Containing the Commentary on the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I. And II. Thessalonians, I. And II. Timothy, Titus, Philemon, and Hebrews
The Philosophy of the Human Voice
The Poems of Eugene Field
Preadamites or a Demonstration of the Existence of Men Before Adam; Together With a Study of Their Condition, Antiquity, Racial Affinities, and Progressive Dispersion Over the Earth
Kashgaria: (Eastern or Chinese Turkistan;): Historical and Geographical Sketch of the Country; Its Military Strength, Industries and Trade
Masonry Ilustrated: The Complete Ritual of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Profusely Illustrated
The Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland: Their Origin and History Discussed From a New Point of View
The History of the Popes, Their Church and State, and Especially of Their Conflicts With Protestantism in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Simplified Method of Tracing Rays: Through Any Optical System of Lenses, Prisms, and Mirrors
The Vanity of Human Wishes: The Tenth Satire of Juvenal, Imitated
The Book of Ruth: In the Revised Version With Introduction and Notes
The Chinook Jargon, and How to Use It: A Complete and Exhaustive, Lexicon of the Oldest Trade, Language of the American Continent
Early British Trackways, Moats, Mounds, Camps, and Sites
Supplement to the Culbertson Genealogy
The Registers of Weddington: Co; Warwick
Denmark in the Early Iron Age: Illustrated by Recent Discoveries in the Peat Mosses of Slesvig
History of the Crusades: Rise, Progress, and Results
Moslem Schisms and Sects (Al-Fark Bain Al-Firak): Being the History of the Various Philosophic Systems Developed in Islam
The Inner History of the Balkan War
Essays and Studies: Educational and Literary
American Negro Slavery, 1918: A Survey of the Supply, Employment and Control of Negro Labor as Determined by the Plantation Regime
Triumphant Democracy: Or Fifty Years' March of the Republic
The Israel of the Alps: A Complete History of the Waldenses and Their Colonies
A Half Century Among, the Siamese and the Lao an Autobiography
Fifty Years in Oregon: Experiences, Observations, and Commentaries Ries Upon Men, Measures, and Customs in Pioneer Days and Later Times
Contact With the Other World: The Latest Evidence as to Communication With the Dead
Canon and Text of the New Testament
The History of the Christian Church, From the Birth of Christ to the Eighteenth Century, Including the Very Interesting Account of the Waldenses and Albigenses
Andrew Jackson: President of the United States of America
A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words: Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, From the Fourteenth Century
Laundry Hints: A Book of Laundry Information for Housewives, Laundresses, Students in Domestic Science, and All Others Interested in the Best Laundry Work
Genealogical Sketch of the Early Descendants of Matthias Button: Who Came to America With Governor John Endicott, Landing at Salem, Mass., September 6, 1628; Compiled From Authentic Sources
The Reed Organ; How to Give It the Proper Care; Simple Complaints and Easy Remedies: With Full Explanation of the Value of the Stops, and Directions for Their Proper Use
Chinese Classical Work Commonly Called the Four Books: Translated, and Illustrated With Notes
The Group Mind: A Sketch of the Principles of Collective, Psychology With Some Attempt to Apply, Them to the Interpretation of National Life and Character
The Great Divide: Travels in the Upper Yellowstone in the Summer of 1874
A Manual of Logic, in Two
Aeronautics in Theory and Experiment
History of the Champagne Trade in England
A History of Matrimonial Institutions: Chiefly in England and the United States With an Introductory Analysis of the Literature and the Theories of Primitive Marriage and the Family
The Church of the Knights Templars in London: A Description of the Fabric and Its Contents, With a Short History of the Order
The Khilafat and England
Nietzsche and Other Exponents of Individualism
Geological Report of the Exploration of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers: 1859-'60
Massachusetts Land Grants in Vermont
Autumnal Catarrh (Hay Fever)
The English Establishments on the Gold Coast in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
Lessons in the Mechanics of Personal Magnetism
History of Dorchester County, Maryland
History of New Testament Times in Palestine: 175 B. C. 70 A. D
Lectures on the Ancient History of India: On the Period From 650 to 325 B. C
Exploratio Evangelica: A Brief Examination of the Basis and Origin of Christian Belief
The Heat Treatment of Tool Steel: An Illustrated Description of the Physical Changes and Properties Induced in Tool Steel by Heating and Cooling Operations
Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition, During the Years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842
Utilitarianism, Liberty Representative Government
Recollections of an Old Settler: Stories of Kent and Vicinity in Pioneer Times
A History of the German Baptist Brethren in Europe and America
Charles Sealsfield: Ethnic Elements and National Problems, in His Works
Heat: Considered as a Mode of Motion
Swansea: Mumbles the Gower Coast; Official Album Guide
The Viking Age: The Early History, Manners, and Customs of the Ancestors of the English-Speaking Nations
Stone's New Superlative Trouser System: Based Upon a Scientific, Sure and Simple Method
Taste: A Comedy, in Two Acts
St. Valentine's Day: A Comedy in One Act, for Female Characters Only
Religious Intercourse Between Ceylon and Siam in the Eighteenth Century: An Account of King Kirti Sri's Embassy to Siam in Saka 1672 (1750 A. D.), Translated From the Singhalese
Stowe: A Description of the House and Gardens of the Most Noble and Puissant Prince, George Grenville Nugent Temple, Marquis of Buckingham, Earl Temple, Viscount and Baron Cobham
The Theory of Machines: The Principles of Mechanism; Elementary Mechanics of Machines
Sure and Certain Methods of Attaining a Long and Healthful Life: With Means of Correcting a Bad Constitution, &C
Jesus Christ Priest and Victim
Luxor Its Temples
Pre-Historic Nations: Or Inquiries Concerning Some of the Great Peoples and Civilizatins of Antiquity, and Their Probable Relation to a Still Older Civilization of the Ethiopians or Cushites of Arabia
Lee's American Automobile Manual
The Position of Woman in Primitive Society: A Study of the Matriarchy
History of Harrison County, West Virginia
The Way, the Truth and the Life: A Hand Book of Christian Theosophy, Healing, and Psychic Culture, a New Education, Based Upon the Ideal and Method of the Christ
A Complete History of Texas, for Schools, Colleges, and General Use
John Bunyan: His Life, Times and Work
Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: From 1833 to 1847
Cecilia: Or Memoirs of an Heiress
Luther's Correspondence and Other Contemporary Letters
A Narrative of the Life of Mary Jemison: White Woman of the Genesee
History of Edgefield County From the Earliest Settlement
The Walnut: A Comprehensive Treatise on How to Grow It
Rollo: Learning to Talk
What Happens After Death?: A Symposium by Leading Writers and Thinkers
Wild Flower Children: The Little Playmates of the Fairies
Veneering and Inlaying: A Study of Materials, Principles and Processes
Treatise on the Air Brush: With Progressive Lessons
Thomas Spencer Family of Hartford, Connecticut: In the Line of Samuel Spencer, of Cromwell, Connecticut, 1744-1818
A to Z of Pigeons and Bantams
Genealogy: The Haines, Rogers, Austin, Taylor, Garwood, Reich and Hunt Families
The Office of Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois: A Supplemental Inquiry Into Its Organization and Methods of Administration
Inscriptions: On the Early Gravestones in the Baptist Burying Ground at Dividing Creek, N. J
Genealogy of the Burroughs Family
Ode; Intimations of Immortality: From Recollections of Early Childhood
The Patterson Family: A Geneological History
A Genealogy of One Branch of the Morey Family: 1631-1890
Paviland Cave: An Aurignacian Station in Wales (the Huxley Memorial Lecture for 1913)
A History of Hauppauge, Long, N. Y: Together With Genealogies of the Following Families: Wheeler, Smith, Bull, Smith, Blydenburgh, Wood, Rolph, Hubbs, Price, McCrone
Hydrotherapy: A Work on Hydrotherapy in General, Its Application to Special Affections, the Technic or Processes Employed, and the Use of Waters Internally
Proposed Plans for the Improvement of the City of Denver
A Short and Concise Analysis of Mozart's Twenty-Two Pianoforte Sonatas: With a Description of Some of the Various Forms
The Robinson Method of Breeding Squabs: A Full Account of the New Methods and Secrets of the Most Successful Handler of Pigeons in America
Nothing Gained by Overcrowding: How the Garden City Type of Development May Benefit Both Owner and Occupier
Year of Liberty: Or, Salmon Angling in Ireland From February 1 to November 1
The Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania Square: Old Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Pike
Alberta, Past and Present: Historical and Biographical
History of the Campaign of the Army of Virginia: Under John Pope, Brigadier-General U. S. A.; Late Major-General U. S. Volunteers; From Cedar Mountain to Alexandria, 1862
The Gospel of the Kingdom: A Popular Exposition of the Gospel According to Matthew
The Probation Officer at Work: At the Start; Investment of Self; A Team Game; As an Interpreter; Parable
History of the 322d Field Artillery
A History of the Highlands, and the Highland Clans: With an Extensive Selection From the Hitherto Inedited Stuart Papers
Elements of Pen-and-Ink Rendering: Rendering With Pen and Brush, Elements of Water-Color Rendering, Rendering in Water Color, Drawing From Nature, the American Vignola
Banking: Banking Principles
A List of Atlases and Maps Applicable to the World War
Southern Life in Southern Literature: Selections of Representative Prose and Poetry
Letters From a Citizen of the World to His Friends in the East
Sketching From Nature, in Line and Tone
Earthology: Humanity Characterized by the Earth, Sun, and Zodiac, With Prognostications From the Moon
A Sketch of the Munro Clan: Also of William Munro Who, Deported From Scotland, Settled in Lexington, Massachusetts, and of Some of His Posterity
The Rooster
The Rose of the Winds: The Origin and Development of the Compass-Card
Some Account of the Family of Prime of Rowley, Mass: With Notes on the Families of Platts and Jewett
Why the Chimes Rang
The Routes Pursued by the Excursion Steamers Upon the St. Lawrence River: From Clayton and Gananoque to Westminster Park and Alexandria Bay
A Guide to Artistic Skating
The History of the Armenian Genocide: Hearing Before the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, Second Session; May 15, 1996
Diary of John Harrower, 1773-1776
Wines of Italy
A Practical Treatise on Architectural Jurisprudence: In Which the Constitutions, Canons, Laws
Sextus Empiricus and Greek Scepticism: A Thesis Accepted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Bern, Switzerland, November 1897
Child's Story of the Bible: Illustrated With Numerous Full-Page Colored Plates, and Photo-Engravings
Representative Men of Southern India
Analytic Geometry: With Introductory Chapter on the Calculus
Laying Out for Boiler Makers and Sheet Metal Workers: A Practical Treatise on the Layout of Boilers, Stacks, Tanks, Pipes, Elbows, and Miscellaneous Sheet Metal Work
Literature Dogma: An Essay Towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible
Chaitanya and His Age
The People's War Book: History, Cyclopaedia and Chronology of the Great World War
History of the German Struggle for Liberty: Illustrated With Drawings by R. Caton Woodville
The Saxon and the Celt: A Study in Sociology
Historical German Grammar
The Orient Under the Caliphs: Translated From Von Kremer's Culturgeschichte Des Orients
The Age of Charlemagne
Steam Using: Or Steam Engine Practice
A Guide to the Babylonian and Assyrian Antiquities: With Thirty-Four Plates
Elson's Music Dictionary: Containing the Definition and Pronunciation of Such Terms and Signs as Are Used in Modern Music
Egypt Past and Present: Described and Illustrated; With a Narrative of Its Occupation by British, and of Recent Events in the Soudan
Memoirs of William Wordsworth
The History of Pontefract: In Yorkshire
Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of S. Y. Scotia During the Years 1902, 1903 and 1904, Under the Leadership of William S. Bruce
Catholic Footsteps in Old New York: A Chronicle of Catholicity in the City of New York From 1524 to 1808
Memoir of William Knibb, Missionary in Jamaica
Shakespeare Not Bacon: Some Arguments From Shakespeare's Copy of Florio's Montaigne in the British Museum
The Canoe and the Saddle: Adventures Among the Northwestern Rivers and Forests; And Isthmiana
History of Madagascar: Comprising Also the Progress of the Christian Mission Established in 1818, and an Authentic Account of the Persecution and Recent Martyrdom of the Native Christians
The Sign Painter: A Complete System and Set of Lessons for Beginners
Secrets of the Great Mysteries Now Revealed for the First Time
The Poetical Works of Thomson and Gray
Shaving Made Easy: What the Man Who Shaves Ought to Know
Shipbuilding for Beginners
The Osage Troubles: In Barbour County, Kansas, in the Summer of 1874
Robotics Research Technical Report: The Setl2 Programming Language
The Sperry Gyro-Compass
The History of the First Public Railway, Stockton Darlington: The Opening Day, and What Followed
Over Sands to the Lakes
The Steam Turbine: The Rede Lecture
Xxth Century Sheet Metal Worker
Practical Farming: A Treatise on Present Farming Conditions and How to Improve Them
A Woman's Diary of the War
The Monitor of the Civil War
Canadian Kodak Co;, Limited Trade Circular, 1916: Vols; 12-18
The Swedish Nation in Word and Picture: Together With Short Summaries of the Contributions by Swedes Within the Fields of Anthropology, Race-Biology, Genetics and Eugenics
Light: A Consideration of the More Familiar Phenomena of Optics
The Letters of Charles Sorley: With a Chapter of Biography
The Socialist Almanac and Treasury of Facts, 1898
A Smaller Ancient History of the East: From the Earliest Times to the Conquest by Alexander the Great
The Spiritual Doctrine of Father Louis Lallemant of the Company of Jesus: Preceded by Some Account of His Life
Agricultural Bacteriology
Historical Sketch of Slavery, From the Earliest Periods
Stories of Symphonic Music: A Guide to the Meaning of Important Symphonies, Overtures, and Tone-Poems From Beethoven to Debussy
The Common People of Ancient Rome, Studies of Roman Life and Literature
The History of England During the Reign of Victoria (1837-1901)
The Story of the Irish, Before the Conquest: From the Mythical Period to the Invasion Under Strongbow
Religions of the Past and Present: A Series of Lectures Delivered by Members of the Faculty of the University of Pennsylvania
Software Complexity and Software Maintenance Costs
The Measurement of Productivity: A Primer With Examples for Small, Businesses or Corporate Divisions
A Structural and Lexical Comparison of the Tunica, Chitimacha, and Atakapa Languages
Solving Parametric Design Problems: Requiring Configuration Choices
Record of the Marcy Family: Communicated to the N. E. Hist; And Gen. Register for July, 1875
Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention: Hearing Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, Second Session; August 3, 1994
Names, Dates, and Numbers: What They Mean to You
The Laws of Gravitation: Memoirs by Newton, Bouger and Cavendish; Together With Abstracts of Other Important Memoirs
The Law of Apostasy in Islam Answering the Question Why There, Are So Few Moslem Converts, and Giving Examples of Their Moral, Courage and Martyrdom
The Knapp Family in America: A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Knapp, Who Settled in Watertown, Mass;, In 1630, Including Also a Tabulated Pedigree, Paternal and Maternal, of Hiram Knapp
Why Women Are So
Transformers: Their Theory, Construction and Amplification, Simplified
Encyclopaedia Metropolitana: Or, System of Universal Knowledge; On a Methodical Plan; Greek and Roman Philosophy and Science
Herb Lore: May, 1936
History of the United States of America: From the Discovery of the Continent
My Life in China and America
The Timaeus of Plato: Edited With Introduction and Notes
Ancient Chronology
Life Teachings of Swami Dayanand
The History of Yachting
The Record War-Time Cook Book
What Is Judaism?: A Survey of Jewish Life, Thought and Achievement
The Life of Sir William Fairbairn, Bart: Partly Written by Himself
The Life of Edward Bulwer: First Lord Lytton
Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of Locheill, Chief of the Clan Cameron: With an Introductory Account of the History and Antiquities of That Family and of the Neighbouring Clans
Florida, the Land of Enchantment: Including an Account of Its Romantic History From the Days of Ponce De Leon and the Other Early Explorers and Settlers, and the Story of Its Native Indians
The Universal Irish Song Book: A Complete Collection of the Songs and Ballads of Ireland
Socrates and the Socratic Schools
Interpretation of the Bible: A Short History
The Essentials of Agriculture
The Old Navy and the New
A Catechism for Little Children
Home Ballads: Devotional, Sentimental, Humorous
Derivation of Theory by Means of Factor Analysis, or Tom Swift and His Electric Factor Analysis Machine
The White Ship: A Little Book of Poems Selected From the Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
A Holy Life and How to Live It
Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal: January-February, 1874
Essays Addresses on the Philosophy of Religion
Danish Fairy Folk Tales: A Collection of Popular Stories and Fairy Tales
Gems of Chinese Literature
A Text-Book of Deductive Logic: For the Use of Students
The Life and Saying of Sam P. Jones
S. Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria: Five Tomes Against Nestorius; Scholia on the Incarnation; Christ Is One; Fragment Against Diodore of Tarsus, Theodore of Mopsuestia, the Synousiasts
Mayhew's London: Being Selections From London Labour and the London Poor
Social Dynamite: Or, the Wickedness of Modern Society
Activities of Ku Klux Klan Organizations in the United States: Hearings Before the Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty-Ninth Congress, Second Session
Royal Gifts for the Kindergarten: A Manual for Self Instruction in Friedrich Froebel's Principles of Education
Reminiscences of the North-West Rebellions: A Record of the Raising of Her Majesty's 100th Regiment in Canada
Land Birds of Northern New York: A Pocket Guide to Common Land, Birds of the St. Lawrence Valley, and the Lowlands in General, of Northern New York
The Valuation of Convertible Bonds
The Theory of Drying and Its Application to the New Humidity-Regulated and Recirculating Dry Kilns
Transfer Pricing in the Multinational Firm
The Dutch Rabbit: How to House, Feed Breed
Anatomy of the Indian Elephant
Wood Turpentine: Its Production, Refining, Properties and Uses
Peruvian Art as Shown on Textiles and Pottery
Verses: Collected and Reprinted, as a Memento for Friends
Second Sight Explained: A Complete Exposition of Clairvoyance or Second Sight, as Exhibited by the Late Robert Houdin and Robert Heller, Showing How the Supposed Phenomena May Be Produced
Vaudeville Ventriloquism: A Practical Treatise, on the Art of Ventriloquism
The Scenic Motorway: A Motor Tour De Luxe, Featuring New York to Montreal, P. Q., The Berkshires and Adirondacks, the Green and White Mountains, the New England Coast
Beacon Lights: A Series of Short Sermons
Reminiscences of Early Chicago and Vicinity
A Series of Lectures on Transubstantiation: And Other Errors of the Papacy
The Torments of Protestant Slaves: In the French King's Galleys, and in the Dungeons of Marseilles, 1686-1707 A. D
Ante-Nicene Christian Library: Translations of the Writing of the Fathers Down to A. D. 325; Clement of Alexandria
The Science of Grading Patterns for Men's Boys' and Children's Clothing
Three Episodes of Massachusetts History: The Settlement of Boston Bay, the Antinomian Controversy, a Study Od Church and Town Government
The Story of the Bronx: From the Purchase Made by the Dutch From the Indians in 1639 to the Present Day
The Elder or Poetic Edda: Commonly Known as Saemund's Edda
Jenny Lind the Artist, 1820-1851: A Memoir of Madame Jenny Lind Goldschmidt, Her Art-Life and Dramatic Career, From Original Documents, Letters, Ms. Diaries, &C., Collected by Mr. Otto Goldschmidt
A Miracle in Stone: Or the Great Pyramid of Egypt
The Whole Works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D. D. Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore: With a Life of the Author, and a Critical Examination of His Writings
The Surgical Assistant: A Manual for Students, Practitioners, Hospital, Internes and Nurses
Chinese Porcelain: Sixteenth-Century Coloured Illustrations With Chinese Ms. Text
Ethics and Revelation
Life Transfigured
Architecture: For General Students
Pys-Mantia, the Mag-Astro-Mancer, or the Magicall-Astrologicall-Diviner Posed, and Puzzled
A Selection of Latin Stories, And, a Dialogue of Witches and Witchcraft
The Rebel Rose: A Novel
The Origin of the Aryans: An Account of the Prehistoric Ethnology and Civilization of Europe
English Surnames: Essays on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological and Humorous
Liturgica Historica: Papers on the Liturgy and Religious Life of the Western Church
Railways and Other Ways
Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England
The Anatomy of Melancholy: What It Is, With All the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics, and Several Cures of It
The Bible of Every Land: A History of the Sacred Scriptures in Every Language and Dialect Into Which Translations Have Been Made; Illustrated With Specimen Portions in Native Characters
Thirteen Years at the Russian Court: A Personal Record of the Last Years and Death of the Czar Nicholas II, and His Family
The Antichrist Legend
The Works of That Learned and Judicious Divine Mr. Richard Hooker, Containing Eight Books of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, and Several Other Treatises
The Four Gospels: Translated From the Greek, With Preliminary Dissertations, and Notes Critical and Explanatory
Supposes and Jocasta
The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857
The Five Books of Quintus Sept; Flor; Tertullianus: Against Marcion
The Life of St. Charles Borromeo: Cardinal Archbishop of Milan
The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel and Other Critical Essays: Selected From the Published Papers of the Late Ezra Abbot
The Anwar-I-Suhaili: Or Lights of Canopus, Commonly Known as Kalilah and Damnah
Light From Old Times: Or, Protestant Facts and Men; With an Introduction for Our Own Days
Life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary: Duchess of Thuringia
The Mit International Auto Research Program: A Study of University-Industry Research Partnership
Stories of the Old Santa Fe Trail
Electric Arcs Experiments Upon Arcs Between, Different Electrodes in Various, Environments and Their Explanation
Dehorning Cattle: Castration of Bulls, Cattle Sheds, and Warm Drinking Water
The Book of Cowboys
Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation: A Contribution to Clinical Medicine
Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Hosiery, Notions and Furnishing Goods
Wisdom, Wit, and Allegory: Selected From the Spectator
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register: Published Quarterly, Under the Direction of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society; For the Year 1865
The Tithe in Scripture: Being Chapters From the Sacred Tenth With A; Revised Bibliography on Tithe-Paying and Systematic and Proportionate Giving
Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Joseph Salyards
History of the 104th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry: From 1862 to 1865
A Jewish State: An Attempt at a Modern Solution, of the Jewish Question
Benjamin of Ohio: A Story of the Settlement of Marietta
Memorials of the Family of Forbes of Forbesfield: With Notes on Connected Morgans, Duncans and Fergusons
A Guide to the Mineral Gallery of the British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road, South Kensington: With an Introduction to the Study of Minerals
Midst Himalayan Mists
Commentaries on the First Book of Moses Called Genesis
The Draftsman: Containing a Collection of Concise Precedents and Forms in Conveyancing
Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindustani and Pushtu Manuscripts: In the Bodleian Library
Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden Monachi Cestrensis: Together With the English Translations of John Trevisa and of an Unknown Writer of the Fifteenth Century
Leading American Inventors
Rifle and Romance in the Indian Jungle: A Record of Thirteen Years
History of the Descendants of Peter Burket, Late of Sinking Valley, Blair County, Penna., Who Died January 20, 1867
Unknown Mexico: A Record of Five Years' Exploration Among the Tribes of the Western Sierra Madre; In the Tierra Caliente of Tepic and Jalisco; And Among the Tarascos of Michoacan
Dysert-Diarmada, or Irish Place-Names: Their Beauty and Their Degradation; By an Irish C. C
Stories for Young Children
Upholstery: With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams
An Investigation of a General Normality or Control Factor in Personality Testing
Funeral Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln: Delivered Before the Military Authorities in Norfolk, Va., Wednesday, April 19th, 1865
The Acadians of Madawaska, Maine
Catalogue of the Cuneiform Tablets: In the in Collection of the British Museum British Supplement
An Elementary Treatise on Geometrical Optics
The Works of Voltaire: A Contemporary Version, With Notes by Tobias Smollett, Revised and Modernized New Translations by William F. Fleming, and an Introduction by Oliver H. G. Leigh
The American Peach Orchard: A Sketch of the Practice of Peach, Growing in North America at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
Filmstrips: A Descriptive Index and User's Guide
Vocabulary of Philosophy: Psychological, Ethical, Metaphysical With Quotations and References
Travels in Southern Abyssinia: Through the Country of Adal to the Kingdom of Shoa
Unknown Mexico: A Record of Five Years Exploration Among the Tribes of the Western Sierra Madre; In the Tierra Caliente of Tepic and Jalisco; And Among the Tarascos of Michoacan
The Economy of the Animal Kingdom: Considered Anatomically, Physically, and Philosophically
Genealogy of the Merrick Merrick Merrick: Family of Massachusetts 1636 1902
Animal and Vegetable Fixed Oils, Fats, Butters, and Waxes: Their Preparation and Properties, and the Manufacture Therefrom of Candles, Soaps, and Other Products
English Cathedrals: Canterbury Peterborough Durham, Salisbury Lichfield Lincoln Ely Wells, Winchester, Gloucester York London
Islam and Christianity, or the Quran and the Bible: A Letter to a Muslim Friend
A Glossary of the Principal Chinese Expressions Occurring in Postal Documents
Ancient Classic for English Readers
Structural Design Elements of Structural Design
Phenomena of Materialisation: A Contribution to the Investigation of Mediumistic Teleplastics
The Veil of Isis, or Mysteries of the Druids
Catalogue of the Coins of the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Lombards: And of the Empires of Thessalonica, Nicaea and Trebizond, in the British Museum
Hellenistic Athens: An Historical Essay
The Human Element in the Gospels: A Commentary on the Synoptic Narrative
Lady Morgan's Memoirs: Autobiography, Diaries and Correspondence
Landed Gentry: A Comedy in Four Acts
One of the Yd: Yankee Division
Hand-Book of Punctuation: With Instructions for Capitalization, Letter-Writing, and Proof-Reading
Essays to Do Good: Addressed to All Christians, Whether in Public or Private Capacities
The Will of King Alfred: Reprinted From the Oxford Ed of 1788; With a Preface, and Additional Notes
A Blue Ridge Memoir: And the Last Drive and Death of Major G. H. H. Emory
Enigmas of Natural History
The Elizabethan Playhouse
President Lincoln: From the Princetown Review, July, 1865
Price List of Great Western Gun Works
Rocky Mount Mills: Established 1818, Incorporated 1874; 37756 Spinning Spindles, 17964 Twisting Spindles; Rocky Mount, N. C., Spinners of High Grade Ply Yarns
Convergence Analysis of Block Implicit One-Step Methods for Solving Differential/Algebraic Equations
Tree Planting With Du Pont Dynamite: New and Valuable Information for Peach, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Pecan Orchardists, Nurserymen, Growers of Small Fruits, Etc
William Oughtred: A Great Seventeenth-Century Teacher of Mathematics
More About Live Dolls
Theophrastus Bombastus Von Hohenheim Called Paracelsus His Personality and Influence as Physician, Chemist and Reformer
Art of Angling: Containing Directions for Fly-Fishing, Trolling, Making Artificial Flies, &C., With a List of the Most Celebrated Fishing Stations in North Wales
Two Selections: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle
Mary Todd Lincoln: Girl of the Bluegrass
Geography Primer
Principles of Accountancy
The French-Canadian Horse
The Ancestry of Edward Rawson, Secretary of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay: With Some Account of His Life in Old and New England
Fundamentals of Language
Rise of Cubism
The Treatment and Education of Mentally Feeble Children
The Masterpieces of Andrea Del Sarto: Sixty Reproductions of Photographs From the Original Paintings, Affording Examples of the Different Characteristics of the Artist's Work
Gaging Tools and Methods: Measuring Instruments Used by Machinists and Toolmakers
Dictionary of Technical Textile Terms: English French Spanish
Plain Instructions: To Prepare and Preserve From Rust, Wrought Cast Iron Steel
Continuous-Review Policies for a Multi-Echelon Inventory Problem With Stochastic Demand
Our Beginnings in Europe and America
The New Politics
The Archaeology of the Cahokia Mounds Ict-II
History of Russia: From the Earliest Times to 1880
The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal
Eating and Drinking: A Popular Manual of Food and Diet in Health and Disease
God Sovereign, and Man Free: A Discourse
A Memoir of Eli Bickford: A Patriot of the Revolution
Prufrock: And Other Observations
Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper: Embellished With Neat Engravings
Organizational Development Through Planned Change: A Development Model
Genealogy of the Dennison Family: From George Dennison, 1725, Together With His Gift to His Children, Will, and the Agreement to Build His Cellar
Pawling Genealogy
An Introduction to Folk-Lore
On Moods
The New Map of Europe (1911-1914): The Story of the Recent European Diplomatic Crises and Wars and of Europe's Present Catastrophe
Truth About the Jews: Told by a Gentile
Useful Knowledge: Or a Familiar Account of the Various Productions of Nature, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal
The Greek Verb: Its Structure and Development
Some Account of the Military, Political, and Social Life: Of the Right Hon. John Manners, Marquis of Granby
Hints on Landscape Gardening
The United States in Prophecy: Our Country, Its Past, Present, and Future, and What the Scriptures Say of It
Celtic Scotland: A History of Ancient Alban
Coal: Its Properties, Analysis, Classification, Geology, Extraction, Uses and Distribution
Oliver Cromwell: And the Rule of the Puritans in England
Economic Studies
Will's Commercial Arithmetic, Presenting the Best Usage in Modern Business Practice
The Dance: Its Place in Art and Life
Russia as I Know It
An Outline History of England
Early Cremation Ceremonies of the Luiseno and Diegueno Indians of Southern California
The Battle Field of Guilford Court House
Prescription Writing: Designed for the Use of Medical Students Who Have Never Studied Latin
A History of Marion County, South Carolina: From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901
Come-Outerism: The Duty of Secession From a Corrupt Church
The Barker Genealogy: Giving the Names and Descendants of Several Ancestors, Who Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence, A. D. 1776
Journey to the World Under Ground: Being the Subterraneous Travels of Niels Klim
Inspired Talks
Victory Gardens
Travels Amongst the Todas; Or the Study of a Primitive Tribe in South India: History, Character, Customs, Religion, Infanticide, Polyandry, Language With Outlines of the Tuda Grammar
The Chronology of Mediaeval and Renaissance Architecture: A Date Book of Architectural Art, From the Building of the Ancient Basilica of S. Peter's, Rome to the Consecration of the Present Church
The Edda: The Divine Mythology of the North
He Took It Upon Himself
The Life, Letters, and Friendships of Richard Monckton Milnes: First Lord Houghton
Military Operations and Maritime Preponderance: Their Relations and Interdependence
Discourses Upon Existence Attributes of God
History of Madison County, Iowa, and Its People
The German Empire: 1867-1914, and the Unity Movement
A Thousand Years of Philippine History Before the Coming of the Spaniards
Shakspere's Holinshed: The Chronicle and the Historical Plays Compared
Applied Harmony: A Text-Book for Those Who Desire a Better Understanding of Music and an Increase in Power of Expression Either in Performance or Creative Work
Windmills, Picturesque and Historic: The Motors of the Past
The Bickford Mandolin Method: In Four Books
Experiments Upon Magnesia Alba, Quick-Lime, and Some Other Alcaline Substances
A Description of New England, or Observations and Discoveries in the North of America in the Year of Our Lord 1614: With the Success of Six Ships That Went the Next Year, 1615
Catullus in the Xivth Century
Storm and Sunshine in South Africa: With Some Personal and Historical Reminiscences
Progress, Its Law and Cause: With Other Disquisitions, Viz., The Physiology of Laughter, Origin and Function of Music, the Social Organism, Use and Beauty, the Use of Anthropomorphism
Commentaries on the Twelve Minor Prophets
Jesus and the Coming Glory: Or Notes on Scripture
Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing
Thomas Spurgeon: A Biography
The Forest of the South
Keely and His Discoveries: Aerial Navigation
Meaning and Change of Meaning: With Special Reference to the English Language
Ventura County and Upper Santa Clara River Drainage Area: Land and Water Use Survey, 1961
The Canning of Fruits and Vegetables: Based on the Methods in Use in California, With Notes on the Control of the Microorganisms Effecting Spoilage
Rulers of India: Clyde and Strathnairn
The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent: And Other Essays
Bush Days
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
The Ancient House of Kavanaugh: As Represented in Ireland, England, France, Prussia, and America
King Kalakaua's Tour Round the World: A Sketch of Incidents of Travel
The Divine Origin of the Bible: The General Argument
Fresh Voyages: On Unfrequented Waters
Tinsmithing: Instruction Paper
Public Libraries in the United States of America: Their History, Condition, and Management, Special Report
The Gospel of the Kingdom: Studies in Social Reform and What to Do; January, 1911
Animal Stories for Children
Historical Notes of the Family of Kip of Kipsburg and Kip's Bay, New York
Rufus Hill, the Missionary Child in Siam: A Memoir Written by His Mother, Now in America
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art: Summary Report, May 29th, 1879
Studies in Glazes: Crystalline Glazes
His Last Bow a Reminiscence of Sherlock Holmes
New Developments in O. D. Technology: Programmed Team Development
The Coming Race: Or, the New Utopia
Jerusalem: A Novel
Chuang Tzu: Mystic, Moralist, and Social Reformer
The Talmud: Selections From the Contents of That Ancient Book, Its Commentaries, Teachings, Poetry, and Legends; Also, Brief Sketches of the Men Who Made and Commented Upon It
Maps and Atlases: January-June, 1953
The History of France: From the Conquest of Gaul by the Romans to the Peace of 1856
The Foundations of Musical AEsthetics: Or the Elements of Music
The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness, and Goshen
Review on Hunter's Indian Musalmans: Are They Bound in Conscience to Rebel Against the Queen?
Protoplasm: Its Origin, Varieties, and Functions
The Origin of Letters and Numerals According to the Sefer Yetzirah
Church and State in the United States: Or the American Idea of Religious Liberty and Its Practical Effects, With Official Documents
Umpire's Manual and Rules of Lawn Tennis With Cases and Decisions
Logic: Or the Science of Inference
Physiological and Medical Observations: Among the Indians of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico
A Description of the Soil-Geology of Ireland, 1907: Based Upon Geological Survey Maps and Records With Notes on Climate
The Naval Chronicle, for 1807: Containing a General and Biographical History of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom; With a Variety of Original Papers on Nautical Subjects
Wesley's Designated Successor: The Life, Letters and Literary Labors of the Rev. John William Fletcher
The Life of Peter Van Schaack, LL. D: Embracing Selections From His Correspondence and Other Writings, During the American Revolution, and His Exile in England
History of the One Hundred and Fortieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
Gen. Albert Pike's Poems: With Introductory Biographical Sketch
Manual of Christian Doctrine: Comprising Dogma, Moral and Worship
Greenhouse Management: A Manual for Florists and Flower Lovers on the Forcing of Flowers, Vegetables and Fruits in Greenhouse, and the Propagation and Care of House Plants
Furunculosis of Fish
A Sister of Marie Antoinette: The Life-Story of Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples
King Lear: A Tragedy, in Five Acts
Taking the Burdens: The Strategic Role of the Funeral Director
An Introduction to the Theory of Optics
A Text-Book of Geodetic Astronomy
Walker's Appeal in Four Articles: Together With a Preamble, to the Coloured Citizens of the World, but in Particular, and Very Expressly, to Those of the United States of America
Dioxin Hazards to Fish, Wildlife, and Invertebrates: A Synoptic Review
Medical Chaos and Crime
Origin of the Four Gospels
With India
The Non-Christian Cross: An Enquiry Into the Origin and History of the Symbol Eventually Adopted as That of Our Religion
The Castles of England: Their Story and Structure
Duties of the General Staff
A View of the United States of America
The First Book of Kings
The Dark Ages: A Series of Essays, Illustrating the State of Religion and Literature in the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Centuries
A History of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana
The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots: A Political History
The Evidence and Authority of Divine Revelation: Being a View of the Testimony of the Law and the Prophets to the Messiah, With the Subsequent Testimonies
Newspaper Writing in High Schools: Containing an Outline for the Use of Teachers
The Return of Christ
War Neuroses
Reading French Grammar: A Short Method of Learning to Read the French Language
Anthropological Report on Sierra Leone: Timne-English Dictionary
Mind, Matter and Motion: With Directions for Good Health in Old Age
Departed Gods: The Gods of Our Fathers
Suez Canal Channel Tunnel: Peace or War With France?; Speech of the Right Honorable John Bright, M. P., June 15th, 1883
Life of Richard Trevithick: With an Account of His Inventions
Clifton, New Jersey: Illustrations From Photographic Views
The Philosophy of Human Nature: Translated From the Chinese, With Notes
Principles for Churchmen: A Manual of Positive Statements on Some Subjects of Controversy
Lord Melbourne's Papers
From the Virginia Plantation to the National Capitol: Or the First and Only Negro Representative in Congress From the Old Dominion
Historic Morristown, New Jersey: The Story of Its First Century
The Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection
International Law: As Interpreted During the Russo-Japanese War
Field-Marshal Sir Donald Stewart G. C. B., G. C. S. I., C. I.e: An Account of His Life, Mainly in His Own Words
Outlines of the Mahayana as Taught by Buddha
Lady Audley's Secret: A Drama in Two Acts; From Miss. Braddon's Popular Novel
The Fall of England?: The Fall of the Battle of Dorking; Reminiscences of a Volunteer
The Terminology of the Vedas and European Scholars
The Octoroon, or Life in Louisiana: A Play, in Five Acts
History of the Welsh Guards
An Itinerary: Containing His Ten Yeeres Travell Through the Twelve Dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland Ireland
Reminiscences of General Basil W. Duke, C. S. A
My Life and Experiences Among Our Hostile Indians: A Record of Personal Observations, Adventures, and Campaigns Among
The Doctrine of the Atonement: As Taught by the Apostles; On the Sayings of the Apostles Exegetically Expounded, With Historical Appendix
The Lives of the British Saints: The Saints of Wales and Cornwall and Such Irish Saints as Have Dedications in Britain
The Becquerel Rays: And the Properties of Radium
The History of Brazil: From the Period of the Arrival of the Braganza Family in 1808, to the Abdication of Don Pedro the First in 1831
Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: And Four-Place Tables of Logarithms
A Half Century With Juvenile Delinquents: Or the New York House of Refuge
Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ: His Life and Work, His Epistles
Bismarck: And the Foundation of the German Empire
The Big Sandy Valley: A History of the People and Country From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
Hallucinations: Or the Rational History of Apparitions, Visions, Dreams, Ecstasy, Magnetism, and Somnambulism
Principles of Political Economy With Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy: With Special Introd, by Arthur T. Hadley
The Life of Sir Henry Vane the Younger: With a History of the Events of His Time
The Origin and History of the First or Grenadier Guards: From Documents in the State Paper Office, War Office, Horse Guards, Contemporary History, Regimental Records, Etc
The German Empire 1867-1914 and the Unity Movement
Bible Sketches: Of the Creation and the Fall
Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland in the British Museum
Landscape and Figure Composition
Appeal to the Christian Women of the South
The Great Pyramid of Gizeh: A Symbol of Universal Truth
The Unfortunate Traveller: Or the Life of Jacke Wilton
Modern Steam Traps (English and American): Their Construction and Working
On the Writing of the Insane: With Illustrations
Color Balance Illustrated: An Introduction to the Munsell System
Blossoms Gathered From the Lower Branches: Or a Little Work of an Oblate Sister of Providence
The Bible by Coverdale, 1535: Remarks on the Titles; The Year of Publication; The Preliminary, the Water Marks, &C., With Fac-Similes
The Battle of Kadesh: A Study in the Earliest Known Military Strategy
The Abney Level Handbook
The Decorated Stove Plates of the Pennsylvania Germans
The Centenary of "a Shropshire Lad"the Life and Writings of A. E. Housman
History of "Old Abe": The Live War Eagle of the Eighth Regiment Wisconsin Voluteers
The Metaphysics of Aristotle: Translated From the Greek; With Copious Notes, in Which the Phythagoric and Platonic Dogmas Respecting Numbers and Ideas Unfolded Antient Sources
The Crater, or Vulcan's Peak: A Tale of the Pacific
Zoology: A Text-Book for Secondary Schools, Normal Schools and Colleges
A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare: King Lear
The Parables of Judgment
The Illuminated Book of Needlework: Comprising Knitting, Netting, Crochet, and Embroidery
Out of the Dark, Essays, Letters, and Addresses, on Physical and Social Vision
The Making of Humanity
The Prospector's Handbook: A Guide for the Prospector and Traveller in Search of Metal-Bearing or Other Valuable Minerals
History of the Sinn Fein Movement and the Irish Rebellion of 1916
In Northern Mists: Arctic Exploration in Early Times
Poems Translations: Including Dante's Vita Nuova the Early Italian Poets
Out of the Briars: An Autobiography and Sketch of the Twenty-Ninth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers
The Evolution of Man: A Popular Exposition, Principal Points of Human Ontogeny and Phylogeny
The Folk-Tales of the Magyars: Collected by Kriza, Erdelyi, Pap, and Others
Geological Observations: On the Volcanic Islands and Parts of South America Visited During the Voyage of H. M. S. 'Beagle'
The Early History of Southampton, L. I., New York: With Genealogies
The Treatment of Insanity
The Mythology of All Races: Indian; Iranian
The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature; Being the Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion Delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902
Memoir of the Life of Elizabeth Fry: With Extracts From Her Letters and Journal
The Correspondence and Diary of Philip Doddridge, D. D: Illustrative of Various Particulars in His Life Hitherto Unknown
An Introduction to the Study of the Gospels
The History of Civilization: From the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution
The Life of John Jay: With Selections From His Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers
Documentary History of the State of Maine: Containing the Trelawny Papers
Kora in Hell Improvisations
The Book of Chinese Poetry: Being the Collection of Ballads, Sagas, Hymns, and Other Pieces Known as the Shih Ching or Classic of Poetry
How to Memorize Music With Numerous Musical Exam
The Dharma or the Religion of Enlightenment an Exposition of Buddhism
A Puritan Colony in Maryland
The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You, How to Be One
A History of Calexico
The Coronation of King George V
Milton and the Suffolk Resolves
A Letter Concerning Earthquakes: Written in the Year 1693
A History of Tybee Islands, Ga: And a Sketch of the Savannah the Tybee R. R
Henry Cruger: The Colleague of Edmund Burke in the British Parliament, a Paper Read Before the New York Historical Society, January 4th, 1859
The Budget; Its Principles Scope: A Speech Delivered to a Meeting of the Commercial Community of Glasgow, Sept; 10, 1909
Production Allocation Modeling System: Optimizing for Competitive Advantage in a Mature Manufacturing Industry
The Gardiner Manor: Address Delivered at the Third Annual Meeting of the New York Branch of the Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America, Held in the City of New York, April 24, 1915
Atlas of Railway Traffic Maps: This Atlas of Railway Traffic Maps Is One of a Series of Texts on Interstate Commerce and Railway Traffic
Library School Card Catalog Rules: With 52 Fac-Similes of Sample Cards for Author and Classed Catalogs; With Bibliography of Catalog Rules
Cotton and Wool
A Short History of Caulfeild Village
The Three Sorrows of Story-Telling: And Ballads of St. Columkille
Mammalian Physiology: A Course of Practical Exercises
Statically Indeterminate Structures and the Principle of Least Work
The Courtship of Miles Standish: And Other Poems
Peebles and Selkirk
The Felon's Track
Thoughts of a Free-Thinker
Bishop J. C. F. Cammerhoff's Narrative of a Journey to Shamokin, Penna, in the Winter of 1748
Illustrated Catalogue of Grand, Upright and Square Piano-Fortes
The Story of Jose Rizal: The Greatest Man of the Brown Race
Who's Who of the Chinese Students in America
The Life of Gregory Lopez: A Hermit in America
Prehistoric Man
The First Book of the Hitopadesa: Containing the Sanskrit Text, With Interlinear Transliteration, Grammatical Analysis, and English Translation
Our Railway System Viewed in Reference to Invasion: Being a Translation of a Memoir Entitled the Training of Railways for War, in Time of Peace
The Spirit of Russia: Studies in History, Literature and Philosophy
What Can a Woman Do: Or Her Position in the Business and Literary World
Fifty Contemporary One-Act Plays
The Passing of Korea
The Story of British Music and the Earlier French Musicians
Essentials of Modern Physics
England in the Seven Years' War: A Study in Combined Strategy
Archaeological Studies Among the Ancient Cities of Mexico
The Works of the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq.: Being Remarks on Several Parts of Italy, &C., In the Years 1701, 1702, 1703
Traditions of De-Coo-Dah, and Antiquarian Researches
Gitanjali: And Fruit-Gathering
Life Sketches of Ellen G. White: Being a Narrative of Her Experience to 1881 as Written by Herself; With a Sketch of Her Subsequent Labors and of Her Last Sickness Compiled From Original Sources
Early Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson, "Stonewall" Jackson
Seventeen Sermons Preach'd by the Late Reverend and Learned John Owen, D.D: Being All the Sermons of His That Ever Were Printed; With the Dedications Preceding Each Sermon
The Guide Book to Historic Germantown: Prepared for the Site Relic Society
The Leveller Movement: A Study in the History and Political Theory of the English Great Civil War
William Morris: His Art His Writings and His Public Life
The Diary of H. M. The Shah of Persia: During His Tour Through Europe in A. D. 1873
Memoirs of the Life of Mr. Ambrose Barnes: Late Merchant and Sometime Alderman of Newcastle Upon Tyne
The Assemblies of Al Hariri: Translated From the Arabic, With an Introduction and Notes, Historical and Grammatical
Albert the Great, of the Order of Friar-Preachers: His Life and Scholastic Labours; From Original Documents
The God of This World; The Footprints of Satan: Or the Devil in History
The Creeds of Christendom: With a History and Critical Notes
The Doctrine of Holy Scripture: Respecting the Atonement
The Fundamental Christian Faith: The Origin, History, and Interpretation of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds
A Diplomat's Helpmate: How Rose F. Foote, Wife of the First U. S. Minister and Envoy Extraordinary to Korea, Served Her Country in the Far East
The Witch-Maid: Other Verses
Christian Healing and the People's Idea of God: Sermons Delivered at Boston
The Two or Three Millions: No Appropriation Recommended
The Colonial Era: With Maps
Letter From John Ross: The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, to a Gentleman of Philadelphia
Life and Adventures of Sam Bass: The Notorious Union Pacific and Texas Train Robber
Essays: Classical Modern
New India: Or India in Transition
The Missionary Life and Labours of Francis Xavier Taken From His Own Correspondence: With a Sketch of the General Results Roman Catholic Missions Among the Heathen
Mere Literature
Travels in Brazil
The Book of the Landed Estate: Containing Directions for the Management and Development of the Resources of Landed Property
Lectures on Jurisprudence: Or the Philosophy of Positive Law
The Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy
Travels in the Morea: With a Map and Plans
The Conquest of Mount McKinley: The Story of Three Expeditions Through the Alaskan Wilderness to Mount McKinley, North America's Highest and Most Inaccessible Mountain
Universal History: The Oldest Historical Group of Nations, and the Greeks
Theory and Practice Musical Composition
Practical Hormone Therapy: A Manual of Organotherapy for General Practitioners
The Story of a Varied Life: An Autobiography
Wanderings Wonderings: India, Burma, Kashmir, Ceylon, Singapore, Java, Siam, Japan, Manila, Formosa, Korea, China, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, the States
The Heimskringla: A History of the Norse Kings
How to Learn Russian: A Manual for Students of Russian, Based Upon the Ollendorffian System of Teaching Languages, and Adapted for Self-Instruction
Quabbin the Story of a Small Town With Outlooks Upon Puritan Life
Journal of an Embassy From the Governor-General of India to the Courts of Siam and Cochin China, 1830
Explanation of the Apostles' Creed: A Thorough Exposition of Catholic Faith; With a Reflection, Practice, and Prayer on Each Article of the Creed
Troja: Results of the Latest Researches and Discoveries on the Site of Homer's Troy and in the Heroic Tumuli and Other Sites, Made in the Year 1882, and a Narrative of a Journey in the Troad in 1881
The Book of Thekla
The History of Company C: 102nd Ammunition Train, American Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1918-1919
Just One Blue Bonnet: The Life Story of Ada Florence Kinton, Artist and Salvationist, Told Mostly by Herself With Pen and Pencil
Geometrical Optics: With Diagram
Events and Incidents in the History of Gen.: Winfield Scott
The American Colonies: 1583-1763
Criminal Record of the Western Federation of Miners: Coeur D'alene to Cripple Creek, 1849-1904
The American Silk Grower's Guide: Or the Art of Raising the Mulberry and Silk, and the System of Successive Crops in Each Season
A Life of Marlborough
The Architecture of Greece Rome: A Sketch of Its Historic Development
Insanity, Its Classification, Diagnosis, and Treatment: A Manual for Students and Practitioners of Medicine
Mystic London: Or, Phases of Occult Life in the British Metropolis
Essays on Constitutional Law and Equity, and Other Subjects
On the State of Europe Before and After the French Revolution
By Nile and Tigris: A Narrative of Journeys in Egypt and Mesopotamia on Behalf of the British Museum Between the Years 1886 and 1913
Principles of the English Law of Contract: And of Agency in Its Relation to Contract
The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Assassination of Lincoln Report, 1866
A Minor Poet: And Other Verse
Short Account of the Hartford Convention: Taken From Official Documents, and Addressed to the Fair Minded and the Well Disposed, to Which Is Added an Attested Copy of the Secret Journal of That Body
Old Block's Sketch-Book: Or, Tales of California Life
Irradiations Sand and Spray
The Korea Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Two Noble Lives: Samuel Gridley Howe, Julia Ward Howe
Red Earth: Poems of New Mexico
The Philippine Mission: Of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Anglo-Hawaiian Poems
Narrative of the Life of Moses Grandy: Formerly a Slave in the United States of America
Galileo Galilei: And the Roman Curia
Stories of Legendary Heroes
The Orbs Around Us: A Series of Familiar Essays on the Moon and Planets, Meteors and Comets, the Sun and Coloured Pairs of Suns
History of Cultivated Vegetables: Comprising Their Botanical, Medicinal, Edible, and Chemical Qualities; Natural History; And Relation to Art, Science, and Commerce
Christ and Antichrist: Or Jesus of Nazareth Proved to Be the Messiah and the Papacy Proved to Be the Antichrist Predicted in the Holy Scriptures
Heal the Sick: An Appeal for Medical Missions in China
The Works of Philo Judaeus: The Contemporary of Josephus
Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects: Translated From the Italian of Giorgio Vasari, With Notes and Illustrations, Chiefly Selected
Wild Sports of Burma and Assam
Elementary French the Essentials of French Grammar With Exercises
Across Widest Africa: An Account of the Country and People of Eastern, Central and Western
Methods of Teaching in High Schools
On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences
Hotel Baldwin, Beach Haven, N. J
History and Genius of the Heidelberg Catechism
Documentary History of the State of Maine: Containing a History of the Discovery of Maine, With an Appendix in the Voyages of the Cabots
Disunion Sentiment in Congress in 1794: A Confidential Memorandum Hitherto Unpublished
Our Country's Sin: A Sermon Preached to the Members and Families of the Nestorian Mission at Oroomiah, Persia, July 3, 1853
As Nature Whispers
History of the Emory Unit: Base Hospital 43, U. S. Army, American Expeditionary Forces
Published by Dolphsmith X: @Toaomo m: E977" Jihg to Actdfthe Parliament Ofcanada by Rdlphshith Xkc'? In the Office Opine Minister Ofagricultur E 1893
Learning in Ireland: In the Fifth Century and the Transmission of Letters
Correct View of That Part of the United States: Which Lies West of the Allegany Mountains, With Regard to Religion and Morals
A Quantitative Study of Rhythm: The Effect of Variations in Intensity, Rate and Duration
A General View of Chinese Civilization: And of the Relations of the West With China
Sons of God and Daughters of Men
The Curate's Home
The Poet Li Po: A. D. 701-762
Hedge of Thorns
High Frequency Practice for Practitioners and Students
The Use of the Margin
What Did Luther Teach?: Contents: Luther's Shorter Catechism, With Preface
The Topes
Alternating-Current Electricity and Its Applications to Industry First Course
The Gospel of the Incarnation: Two Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary, October 9, and January 8
Elementary Mathematical Astronomy: With Examples and Examination Papers
Human Embryology and Morphology
Engineering of Power Plants
A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran: Comprising Sale's Translation and Preliminary Discourse
Ritual and Belief: Studies in the History of Religion
Elementary Logic With Special Application, to Methods of Teaching
Our Family Physician
History of Arizona
What the Sam Hill
The Handbook for Practical Farmers
To the American People: Report Upon the Illegal Practices of the United States Department of Justice
Theism or Atheism; Which Is More Reasonable?: A Public Debate
The History of the Balkan Peninsula, From the Earliest Times, to the Present Day
The History of Equal Suffrage in Colorado: 1868-1898
The Progress of the Intellect: As Ememplified in the Religious Development of the Greeks and Hebrews
Peter and Alexis, an Historical Novel
Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects: Translated From the Italian of Giorgio Vasari
Matthew Paris's English History: From the Year 1235 to 1273
The Eagle's History of Poughkeepsie: From the Earliest Settlements, 1683 to 1905
Memoirs of General Count Rapp, First Aide-De-Camp to Napoleon
Old Tavern Signs: An Excursion in the History of Hospitality
Our Island Empire: A Hand-Book of Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, and the Philippine Islands
The Art of Compounding, a Text Book for Students and a Reference Book for Pharmacists, at the Prescription Counter
Japanese Wrecks: Stranded and Picked Up Adrift in the North Pacific Ocean, Ethnologically Considered
Black Talk: Being Notes on Negro Dialect in British Guiana, With (Inevitably) A Chapter on the Vernacular of Barbados
The Passionate Pilgrim: By Shakspere, Marlowe, Barnfield, Griffin, and Other Writers Unknown, the First Quarto, 1599, a Facsimile in Photo-Lithography
The History of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts
The Youth's Book of Persian Fables
The Canadian Forestry Corps; Its Inception, Development and Achievements: Prepared by Request of Sir Albert H. Stanley, by C. W. Bird and J. B. Davies
The Chaplain: A Journal for Chaplains Serving the Armed Forces, Veterans Administration and Civil Air Patrol; March-April 1969
The Etymology and Syntax of the English Language Explained: Illustrated
The History of the Later Puritans: From the Opening of the Civil War in 1942, to the Ejection of the Non-Conforming Clergy in 1662
Farm Shop Work: Practical Manual Training
The Wheel of the Law: Buddhism, Illustrated From Siamese Sources by the Modern Buddhist, a Life of Buddha, and an Account of the Phrabat
Non-Technical Chats on Iron and Steel: And Their Application to Modern Industry
Gloriana, or the Revolution of 1900
History of Harford County, Maryland: From 1608 (the Year of Smith's Expedition) To the Close of the War of 1812
Ireland: 1494-1868, With Two Introductory Chapters
The Queen Cook Book: A Careful Compilation of Recipes and Practical Information for Cooking and Other Household Requirements
The Moslem World, 1921: A Quarterly Review of Current Events, Literature, and Thought Among Mohammedans and the Progress of Christian Missions in Moslem Lands
Vital Records of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850
Vocabulary of Philosophy: Student's Book of Reference on the Basis of Fleming's Vocabulary
The Last Frontier, the White Man's War for Civilisation in Africa
Music and Musicians: Essays and Criticisms
The Thirteenth Commandment: A Novel
Vaughan's Gardening Illustrated and Victory Garden Guide, 1944
Personal and Military History of Philip Kearny: Major-General United States Volunteers
History of Whiteside County, Illinois: From Its First Settlement to the Present Time
George Grenfell and the Congo
Social Morality: Twenty-One Lectures; Delivered in the University of Cambridge
Plutarch's Morals: Translated From the Greek by Several Hands, Corrected and Revised
Three Primers Put Forth in the Reign of Henry VIII: Viz, I, A Goodly Prymer, 1535, II, the Manual of Prayers or the Prymer in English, 1539, III, King Henry's Primer, 1545
Words of the Lord Jesus
The House of the Seven Gables: A Romance
The History of Mary I, Queen of England, as Found in the Public Records: Original Private Letters, and Other Contemporary Documents
Travels in the Island of Iceland During the Summer of the Year MDCCCX
The Buried Cities of Vesuvius: Herculaneum and Pompeii
A Hand-Book for Travellers in the Ionian Islands, Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor, and Constantinople
The Life and Adventures of Michael Armstrong: The Factory Boy
The History of Sanquhar
The Crises of the Christ
Poisoning Democracy: A Study of the Moral and Religious Aspects of Socialism
Kings and Queens; Or Life in the Palace: Consisting of Historical Sketche of Josephine and Maria Louisa, Louie Philippe, Ferdinand of Austria, Nicholae Isabella II, Leopold, and Victoria
The Religious Experience of Neil Currie: A Native of the Island of Arran, Scotland
Why Men Do Not Go to Church
Linguaphone Conversational Course: Students' Instructions
The Succession of Forest Trees, and Wild Apples

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