The Municipal Parks, Gardens, and Open Spaces of London: Their History and Associations
Celtic Researches, on the Origin, Traditions Language, of the Ancient Britons: With Some Introductory Sketches, on Primitive Society
What Is Philosophy
The Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus: During the Reigns of the Emperors Constantius, Julian, Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens
The Devil: A Lecture
Materialism: Ancient and Modern
Photograms of the Year 1919: The Annual Review of the World's Pictorial Photographic Work
Elements of the Electromagnetic Theory of Light
A Latin Primer
H. P. Blavatsky: Her Life and Work for Humanity
The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn: A Drama in Cipher Found in the Works of Sir Francis Bacon
The Tragedy of Man: Dramatic Poem
White Magic: The Story of Maskelynes
The Life of Jesus Christ: In Its Historical Connexion and Historical Development
Bamboo Work
Japanese Goldfish: Their Varieties and Cultivation; A Practical Guide to the Japanese Methods of Goldfish Culture, for Amateurs and Professionals
Moltke's Military Correspondence, 1870-71: Published by the Prussian General Staff Department for Military History; First Section, the War to the Battle of Sedan
Nine Motorboats and How to Build Them: A Book of Complete Building Plans and Instruction, Which Contains All Necessary Information for the Amateur Who Wants to Build His Own Boat
Nature Worship: An Account of Phallic Faiths and Practices, Ancient and Modern; Including the Adoration of the Male and Female Powers in Various Nations and the Sacti Puja of Indian Gnosticism
A Treatise on Mathematical Instruments: Including Most of the Instruments Employed in Drawing
Rocks and Rock Minerals: A Manual of the Elements of Petrology Without the Use of the Microscope, for the Geologist, Engineer, Miner, Architect, Etc;, And for Instruction in Colleges and Schools
The Annals of Tacitus, 1904
The Foundations of Mormonism: A Study of the Fundamental Facts in the History and Doctrines of the Mormons From Original Sources
The Practical Works of the Reverend Ralph Erskine, A. M: Consisting of His Sermons and Poems
Tahiti: Without the Gospel
Glass Manufacture
Repertory of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica, Ecetera
A Companion to the Greek Testament and the English Version
The Principles Underlying Radio Communication
The History of Initiation, in Twelve Lectures: Comprising Detailed Account of the Rites and Ceremonies, Doctrines and Discipline of All the Secret and Mysterious Institutions of the Ancient World
Reminiscences of Col. John Ketcham: Of Monroe County, Indiana
Mysticism: A Study the Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness
Swollen-Headed William: After the German
A Study of Mine Surveying Methods: And Their Applications to Mining Engineering
Resume of Operations Against Apache Indians: 1882 to 1886
Antiquities of the St. Francis, White, and Black Rivers, Arkansas: Part I. St. Francis River; Part II. White, and Black Rivers
A Reform for the Civil Service
Revised and Enlarged Edition of Exercises in the Yokohama Dialect: Twenty Second Thousandth
Records of Captain John Hall: Born May 27, 1723, Died Aug, 6, 1777, in the Defense of His Country, With Some Account of His Ancestors and Descendants
Stochastic Models for Many-Body Systems: II. Finite Systems and Statistical Non-Equilibrium
Rev. William Blackstone: The Pioneer of Boston
The Ministry of Beauty
The Ecology of Southern California Coastal Salt Marshes: A Community Profile
Ailred of Rievaulx and His Biographer Walter Daniel
Court Masques of James I: Their Influence on Shakespeare and the Public Theatres; A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate College of the University of Nebraska
A Brief History of Springville, Utah: From Its First Settlement, September 18, 1850, to the 18th Day of September, 1900; Fifty Years
The Light of the World: A Brief Comparative Study of Christianity and Non-Christian Religions
The New Nation, 1909: A Survey of the Condition and Prospects of South Africa
The Pharaohs and Their People: Scenes of Old Egyptian Life and History
Horae AEgyptiacae: Or, the Chronology of Ancient Egypt Discovered From Astronomical and Hieroglyphic Records Upon Its Monuments
Mind in Animals
A History of Civilization in Ancient India: Based on Sanscrit Literature
Thanatopsis, Sella, and Other Poems
The Collected Works in Verse and Prose of William Butler Yeats: The Countess Cathleen; The Land of Heart's Desire; The Unicorn From the Stars
Special Reports on the Mineral Resources of Great Britain: Lead and Zinc Ores in the Pre-Carboniferous Rocks of West Shropshire and North Wales
A German Reader for Beginners: With Notes and Vocabulary, and the Essentials of Grammar
Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies in London, Relative to That Event: In a Letter Intended to Have Been Sent to a Gentleman in Paris
The Best of H. T. Webster: A Memorial Collection
Entire Sanctification, or Christian Perfection: Stated and Defended
Cosmos: A Survey of the General Physical History of the Universe
Names of Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania, Between the Years 1777 and 1789, With a History of the "Test Laws" Of Pennsylvania
Negation in English and Other Languages
The Conscious Lovers: A Comedy, as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's Servants
The Tercentenary Dedicatory Volume of the Tupper Family Association of America, Incorporated: Compiled by the Executive Committee
Workshop Mathematics
North American
History of the Clan Donald: The Families of Macdonald, McDonald and McDonnell
Elementary Biology: Plant, Animal, Human
Manganese: Uses, Preparation, Mining Costs and the Production of Ferro-Alloys
Rational Sex Ethics: A Physiological and Psychological Study of the Sex Lives of Normal Men and Women, With Suggestions for a Rational Sex Hygiene With Reference to Actual Case Histories
Cathedrals and Cloisters of Northern France
Cook Book 365
Select Treatises of St. Athanasius in Controversy With the Arians: Freely Translated
Lectures on the Fourteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: Delivered Before the Dwight Alumni Association, New York, April-May, 1898
Fasti Sacri: Or a Key to the Chronology of the New Testament
Duelling Stories of the Sixteenth Century
The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven
Behemont, a Legend of Mound-Builders
Milton Areopagitica: Edited With Introduction and Notes
The Life of the Hon'ble Rai Kristo Das Pal Bahadur, C. I. E
The Theory and Design of Structures: A Text-Book for the Use of Students, Draughtsmen, and Engineers Engaged in Constructional Work
Sacred Archaeology: A Popular Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Art and Institutions, From Primitive to Modern Times
An Account of the Arctic Regions: With a History and Description of the Northern Whale-Fishery
The Clays and Clay Industry of New Jersey
The Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, D.D., LL. D: President of Yale College; January 1, 1769 March 13, 1776
Urquhart and Glenmoriston: Olden Times in a Highland Parish
Annals of Ulster: Otherwise, Annals of Senat; A Chronicle of Irish Affairs A. D. 431-1131: 1155-1541
The Principles of Animal Nutrition: With Special Reference to the Nutrition of Farm Animals
Hymns of the Faith (Dhammapada): Being an Ancient Anthology Preserved in the Short Collection or the Sacred Scriptures of the Buddhists
First Theory Book
Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Mediaeval Mysticism: Five Essays
Ourdoor Sports and Games
The Reappear: A Book of Choice Recipes
How to Make Inventions: Or, Inventing as a Science and an Art, a Practical Guide for Inventors
The Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning: A Manual for House Keepers
How Girls Can Help Their Country
The Decay and the Restoration of Civilization: The Philosophy of Civilization
Black Spirits &White, a Book of Ghost Stories
The Art of Letter Writing: A Practical Manual Covering the Whole Field of Correspondence
The Armenians, or the People of Ararat: Brief Historical Sketch of the Past and the Present Condition of Armenia, the Armenians, Their Religion, and Missions Among Them
The Mechanics of Laplace: Translated With Notes and Additions
The Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England, Illustrated by Copious Extracts From the Liturgy, Homilies, Nowell's Catechism, and Jewell's Apology: And Confirmed by Numerous Passages of Scripture
The Russian Orthodox Church: Organization, Situation, Activity
Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia: With Notes on Russia, Koords, Toorkomans, Nestorians, Khiva, and Persia
Ramsay's History of South Carolina: From Its First Settlement in 1670 to the Year 1808
Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society
On Superstitions Connected With the History and Practice of Medicine and Surgery
History of the Planetary Systems From Thales to Kepler
Henry Cornelius Agrippa, His Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy: Of Geomancy; Magical Elements of Peter De Abano; Astronomical Geomancy; The Nature of Spirits; Arbatel of Magick
The Music and Musical Instruments of Southern India and the Deccan
The Map of Africa by Treaty: Appendix, Alphabetical Index, and Chronological List; With Two Maps
The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry: And an Analysis of the Inter-Relation Between the Craft and the High Grades in Respect of Their Term of Research, Expressed by the Way of Symbolism
Huldreich Zwingli the Reformer of German Switzerland: 1484-1531
A Chronicle of Friendships: 1873-1900
The Entire Works of John Bunyan, Author of "the Pilgrim's Progress": Edited, With Original Introductions, Notes, and Memoir of the Author
A Book of Homage to Shakespeare: 1916
My Path Through Life
Social Problems: Their Treatment, Past, Present, and Future: A Lecture Delivered at the Galton Laboratory for National Eugenics, March 19, 1912>
A History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences in the Latin Church: Indulgences
The Life of the Rev. George Whitefield, B.A., Of Pembroke College, Oxford
A Narrative of the Expedition to the Rivers Orinoco and Apure, in South America: Which Sailed From England in November 1817, and Joined the Patriotic Forces in Venezuela and Caraccas
Possibilities of Steam Railway Electrification
Uber den Rhythmus der Prosa; Vortrag Gehalten auf dem I: Deutschen Kongress fur Experimentelle Psychologie zu Giessen
Samuel Marsden: Pioneer and Peacemaker
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: The Astronomer-Poet of Persia
The Sayings of Lincoln: The Best of His Wit and Wisdom, Together With the Gettysburg Speech and the Second Inaugural Address
A Concise History of the Parish and Vicarage of Halifax
Polish Literature: A Lecture
Principles of Political: Economy With Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy
Life and Reminiscences of Hon. James Emmitt: As Revised by Himself
The Constitutional History of England in Its Origin: And Development
A Week in the Yorkshire Dales
George Douglas, Eighth Duke of Argyll K. G., K. T: 1823-1900, Autobiography and Memoirs
Des Imagistes: An Anthology
Pandosto: Or the Historie of Dorastus and Fawnia
Laws Governing the Breeding of Standard Fowls
Management of Out-Apiaries: Or an Average of 114 Pounds of Honey Per Colony in a Poor Season, and How It Was Done
The Woggle-Bug Book, 1905: A Facsimile Reproduction With an Introduction
Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?
A Soldier's Experience in Southern Prisons
How to Trap and Snare: A Complete Manual for the Sportsman, Game Preserver, Gamekeeper, and Amateur on the Art of Taking Animals and Birds in Traps, Snares, and Nets; With Numerous Illustrations
Records of the Past: Being English Translations of the Assyrian and Egyptian Monuments; Assyrian Texts
Life of Sister St. Rita of Cascia of the Order of St. Augustine: Advocate of the Impossible; Model of Maidens, Wives, Mothers, Widows and Nuns
Fences, Gates, and Bridges: A Practical Manual
Chinese Life and Customs
The Story of Doctor Dolittle: Being the History of His Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts
Explosives Materials: The Phenomena and Theories of Explosion and the Classification, Constitution and Preparation of Explosives
Voice Building: A New and Correct Theory for the Mechanical Formation of the Human Voice
Beeton's Art of Public Speaking: Practical Treatise on Oratory
How to Make Money: In Foreign Exchange and Foreign Bonds
Bible Studies of the Sabbath Question
Germany: From the Earliest Period
The Dathavansa: Or, the History of the Tooth-Relic of Gotama Buddha
Ancient Symbol Worship: Influence of the Phallic Idea in the Religions of Antiquity
Dynamos and Electric Motors: How to Make and Run Them With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams
Heart Talks on Holiness
An Inquiry Respecting the Self-Determining Power of the Will: Or Contingent Volition
The Steam Engine: A Practical Guide to the Construction, Operation, and Care of Steam Engines, Steam Turbines, and Their Accessories
Hindu Literature: Or the Ancient Books of India
The Japan-Russia War: An Illustrated History of the War in the Far East; The Greatest Conflict of Modern Times
Illustrated Catalogue of the Field Force Pump Compy's Latest Improved Outfits for Spraying Trees and Vines by Hand and Horse Power
Sidelights on Life in Lithuania
Remarks on the Province of Shantung
Being an Introduction to the Healthful and Pleasant Exercise of Bell Ringing: In Rounds and Changes, Upon Church Bells
An Account of the Indians of the Santa Barbara Islands in California
Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland: Sculptured Tope on an Old Stone at Dras, Ladak
How to Run Engines and Boilers: Practical Instruction for Young Engineers and Steam Users
A Scientific Guide to Practical Cutting: Every Style of Garment to Fit the Human Form
Asheville City Plan
The Philosophies and Religions of China
Gotama Buddha: A Biography, Based on the Canonical Books of the Therava din
The Kirmess Cook-Book
How to Crochet: Illustrated
Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo
Russia, Austria-Hungary, the Balkan States and Turkey: The World's Story; A History of the World in Story, Song, and Art
History of Louisiana
Bohemia and the C echs: The History, People, Institutions, and the Geography of the Kingdom, Together With Accounts of Moravia and Silesia
On the Functions of the Brain and of Each of Its Parts
Westward Ho
A Selection From the Great English Poets, With an Essay on the Reading of Poetry: Chosen and Arranged, With a Series of Introductions
Condensed Suggestions for Steel Workers
History of Tucker County, West Virginia
Emma, Lady Hamilton
Cincinnati, the Queen City, 1788-1912
The World and the Individual: Gifford Lectures Delivered Before the University of Aberdeen Irst Series the Four Histrocial Conceptions of Being
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Published in 1526, Being the First Translation From the Greek Into English
History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster
The Poems of John Dryden
An Historical Account of the Diocese of Down and Connor: Ancient and Modern
Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo: M. Savary; History of the Emperor Napoleon
A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts: The Times When the People by Whom It Was Settled, Unsettled and Resettled
The Life and Correspondence of Major-General Sir John Malcolm, G. C. B: Late Envoy to Persia, and Governor of Bombay; From the Unpublished Letters and Journals
The Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal: For January, 1859 April, 1859
Evidences of Progress Among Colored People
William Pitt and National Revival
History of the Colony of New Haven: To Its Absorption Into Connecticut
Life and Work of Newton
The Spirit of God in Biblical Literature: A Study in the History of Religion
Memoirs of the Life Writings, and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton
Buddhism: Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects
The Meaning and Use of Baptizein: Philologically and Historically Investigated, for the American Bible Union
How to Tie Salmon Flies: A Treatise on the Methods of Tying the Various Kinds of Salmon Flies, With Illustrated Directions and Containing the Dressing of Forty Flies
How to Select Investments
The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits: In Latin and English
The Story of the Romans
The Crown of Individuality
Occult Science in India and Among the Ancients: With an Account of Their Mystic Initiations, and the History of Spiritism
Tva and the Grass Roots: A Study in the Sociology of Formal Organization
The Rosicrucian Mysteries: An Elementary Exposition of Their Secret Teachings
Our Story of Atlantis: Written Down for the Hermetic Brotherhood
A Syllabus of a Course on Elementary Woodworking
Scientific Physical Training: The Care of the Body
The Scientific Steel Worker: A Practical Manual for Steel Workers and Blacksmiths
Aesop: Five Centuries of Illustrated Fables
Samuel Hartlib: A Sketch of His Life and His Relations to J. A Comenius
Catherine Owens New Cook Book: Culture and Cooking, or Art in the Kitchen, Practical Recipes
Bee-Keeping for Beginners: According to the Syllabus of the Board of Education for Schools
Lincoln; A Typical American: An Address by Thomas W. Cridler at the Banquet of the Union League Club of Brooklyn, February 12, 1901
Wrestling: Catch-as-Catch-Can Style
Wonderland or Alaska and the Inland Passage
The Old English Game Fowl: Its History, Description, Management, Breeding and Feeding
Everybody's Guide to Money Matters: With a Description of the Various Investments Chiefly Dealt in on the Stock Exchange, and the Mode of Dealing Therein
Herndon's Lincoln: The True Story of a Great Life; The History and Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln
Journal of an African Cruiser, 1853: Comprising Sketches of the Canaries, the Cape De Verds, Liberia, Madeira, Sierra Leone, and Other Places of Interest on the West Coast of Africa
History of Hannibal the Carthaginian
A Brief History, of Early Chinese Philosophy
The History of Australia: From 1606 to 1888
Twenty Years Experience as a Ghost Hunter
The Two Covenants: And the Second Blessing
Russian Fairy Tales, From the Skazki of Polevoi
Masonic Text-Book: A Concise Historical Sketch of Masonry, and the Organization of Masonic Grand Lodges, and Especially of Masonry Among Colored Men in America
Montenegro Its People and Their History
An Introduction to Yoga: Four Lectures Delivered at the 32nd Anniversary of the Theosophical Society, Held at Benares, on Dec; 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 1907
Peabody (Paybody, Pabody, Pabodie) Genealogy
The German Arctic Expedition of 1869-70: And Narrative of the Wreck of the Hansa in the Ice
Proceedings of the 11th International Diatom Symposium: San Francisco, California 12-17 August 1990
Pedigrees From the Plea Rolls: Collected From the Pleadings in the Various Courts of Law, A. D. 1200 to 1500, From the Original Rolls in the Public Record Office
The Scots Peerage: Founded on Wood's; Edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland; Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of That Kingdom
The Shakespeare Apocrypha: Being a Collection of Fourteen Plays Which Have Been Ascribed to Shakespeare
Legal Maxims: Illustrated With Special Reference to the Laws in Force in British India
The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa: Translated Into English Prose From the Original Sanskrit Text
The Gardeners Dictionary: Containing the Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit and Flower Garden, as Also the Physick Garden, Wilderness, Conservatory, and Vineyard
The Spinor Transformations of Maxwell's Equations
The Twinings in Three Centuries: The Annals of a Great London Tea House, 1710-1910, With Portraits and Illustrations
A True History of the Three Brave Indian Spies, John Cherry, Andrew and Adam Poe, Who Wiped Out Big Foot and His Two Brothers, Styled Sons of the Half King
Stanley's Trip: From Zanzibar to Ujiji
Tributes of Hawaiian Tradition, 1920: The Pali and Battle of Nuuanu Kaliuwaa Falls and Kamapuaa the Demigod (Revised From the Hawaiian Annual and Hawaiian Folk-Tales)
Spain Costume Details: Women's Coiffure, Ten Illustrations From Photographs in the Collections of the Hispanic Society of America
The Truth About the Schley Case
Turning and Boring Tapers
A Manual of Oil Painting
The Modern Geometry, of the Triangle
The Story of Freemasonry
Frederick the Great: And the Seven Years' War
Manual for the Solution of Military Ciphers
Vector Analysis and the Theory of Relativity
Substitutes for Flesh Foods: Vegetarian Cook Book
Behind Turkish Lattices, the Story of a Turkish Woman's Life
The Development of Marriage and Kinship
Ancient Ideals: A Study of Intellectual and Spiritual Growth From Early Times to the Establishment of Christianity
More Tramps Abroad
Anatomy in a Nutshell: A Treatise on Human Anatomy in Its Relation to Osteopathy
History of McHenry County, Illinois
The Peasantry, And, the Country Parson
Stargazing: Past and Present
The Service of Song for Baptist Churches
Pilgrimages to Old Homes
The Historians' History of the World: A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise and Development of Nations as Recorded by Over Two Thousand of the Great Writers of All Ages; Spain and Portugal
The City of the Saints: And Across the Rocky Mountains to California
Inis-Owen and Tirconnell: Being Some Account of Antiquities and Writers of the County of Donegal
A Record, Genealogical, Biographical, Statistical, of Thomas Stanton, of Connecticut, and His Descendants: 1635 1891
History of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania: Including a Genealogical and Biographical Record of Many Families and Persons in the County
The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass: From 1817 to 1882
Genealogy of the Darlington Family: A Record of the Descendants of Abraham Darlington of Birmingham, Chester Co;, Penna;, And of Some Other Families of the Name
A History of Nursing: The Evolution of Nursing Systems From the Earliest Times to the Foundation of the First English and American Training Schools for Nurses
The Life Services of Matthew Lyon: An Address Pronounced October 29, 1858; Before the Vermont Historical Society, in the Presence of the General Assembly of Vermont
The Poor Law: A Proposal for Its Abolition
Panjabi Lyrics and Proverbs: Translations in Verse and Prose
Of Gardens: An Essay
A Few Plain Facts: Addressed to the People of Pennsylvania
Is the Negro Making Good?: Or, Have Fifty Years of History Vindicated the Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln in Issuing the Emancipation Proclamation?
The League of Nations and Primitive Peoples
The Book of Benjamin: Appointed to Be Read in Households
Reminiscences of My Irish Journey: In 1849
Stories of Long Ago in the Philippines
The Cinderellas of the Fleet
The Location of the Monuments Markers and Tablets on the Battlefield of Gettysburg
My Soul: A Poem in Six Cantos
The Two Chiniquys: Father Chiniquy Vs; Minister Chiniquy
Dream Horses: And Other Verses
How We Won the Vote in California: A True Story of the Campaign of 1911
A Dozen New Poems
Syndicalism: A Critical Examination
Mind-Energy: Lectures and Essays
Fifty-Five Letters of George Washington to Benjamin Lincoln, 1777-1799: Briefly Described, With Foreword, by A J. Bowden
The Philosophy of Arithmetic (Considered as a Branch of Mathematical Science) And the Elements of Algebra: Designed for the Use of Schools, and in Aid of Private Instruction
Saint John of the Cross
The Divine Enchantment: A Mystical Poem
John Hunter, Man of Science and Surgeon
On the History, System, and Varieties of Turkish Poetry: Illustrated by Selections in the Original, and in English Paraphrase
A Baker's Dozen: Poems
History of the North Carolina Railroad
With the Victoria Column in Matabeleland: Tuesday, 20th March, 1894
The Three Forms of Unity: Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, Canons of Dort
The History of the Sufferings of Eighteen Carthusians in England: Who Refusing to Take Part in Schism, and to Separate Themselves From the Unity of the Catholic Church, Were Cruelly Martyred
Some Pioneers and Pilgrims on the Prairies of Dakota: Or From the Ox Team to the Aeroplane
Manufacture of Leather: Manufacture of Leather, Parts 1-3
Paris at Night: Sketches and Mysteries of Paris High Life and Demi-Monde; Nocturnal Amusements: How to Know Them!, How to Enjoy Them!!, How to Appreciate Them
Old Times in Old Monmouth: Historical Reminiscences of Old Monmouth County New Jersey
Sketch of Cornet Robert Stetson: The Veteran Cornet of the Plymouth Colony Troopers, 1658, Other Family Sketches Account of Annual Meetings Genealogy List of Members, &C
Memoir of James Petigru Boyce, D.D., LL. D: Late President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, Ky
Memorial: Addressed to the Honourable Court of Directors, Containing as Account of the Mutiny at Vellore, With the Causes and Consequences of That Event, February 1809
A Vindication of Anglo-Catholic Principles
Germany, From the Earliest Period
The Life and Letters of the Right Honourable Friedrich Max Muller
The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon Upon Plates Takes From the Plates of Nephi
An Appeal to the British Nation: On the Humanity and Policy of Forming a National Institution for the Preservation of Lives and Property From Shipwreck
Latest Official Map and Guide of Guatemala and Honduras: A Short History of the Thrifty Republic of the South, Containing All Information That Will Be Useful to the Visitor, Immigrant and Workingman
An Account of Anne Bradstreet: The Puritan Poetess and Kindred Topics
Karl Marx: The Man and His Message
Constitution of the State of Washington
Standard Selections for Declamation
Germany From the Earliest Period
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Explained in Sermons: A Course of Seven Lenten Sermons, Including a Sermon for Good Friday and Eleven Sermons on the Sacred Heart
New Bern, N. C. Directory: 1918 19
Apartment Houses
The Voyages of the 'Morning'
Past the End of the Pavement
Fatigue Study: The Elimination of Humanity's Greatest Unnecessary Waste a First Step in Motion Study
The Place-Names of Oxfordshire: Their Origin and Development
Empirical Formulas
How to Grow and Market Fruit: Practical Explanations and Directions for Making Fruit Trees Produce Profit
Regimental Colors in the War of the Revolution
The Microscopist; Or, a Complete Manual on the Use of the Microscope: For Physicians, Students, and All Lovers of Natural Science; With Illustrations
Circular Saw: A Guide Book for Filers, Sawyers and Woodworkers
Te Hekenga Early Days in Horowhenua: Being the Reminiscences of Mr. Rod McDonald
An Anatomical Dissertation Upon the Movement of the Heart, and Blood in Animals: Being a Statement of the Discovery of the Circulation of the Blood
Memories of Old Cahaba
Tourist's Guide to Cornwall and the Scilly Isles: Containing Succinct Information Concerning All the Principal Places and Objects of Interest in the County
A Record of the United Arts Rifles: 1914-1919
The Exhibits of the Smithsonian Institution: At the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, California, 1915
The Geology of Islay, Including Oronsay and Portions of Colonsay and Jura: Explanation of Sheets 19 and 27, With the Western Part of Sheet 20
Athol Massachusetts, Past and Present
The Marston Genealogy: In Two Parts
The Jamesons in America, 1647 1900: Genealogical Records and Memoranda
The Bhagavadgita: With the Sanatsugatiya and the Anugita
American Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated and Descriptive Guide to the American Plants Used as Homeopathic Remedies; Their History, Preparation, Chemistry, and Physiological Effects
Life Histories of North American Birds of Prey: Orders Falconiformes and Strigiformes
Mosby's Rangers: A Record of the Operations of the Forty-Third Battalion of Virginia Cavalry From Its Organization to the Surrender
The Quartermaster Corps: Organization, Supply, and Services
Malvern Hills: With Minor Poems, and Essays
A Visitation of the Seats and Arms of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain
Croydon and the Great War: The Official History of the War Work of the Borough and Its Citizens From 1914 to 1919; Together With the Croydon Roll of Honour
Shelley Day by Day
The Sand Dunes of Indiana: The Story of an American Wonderland Told by Camera and Pen
The Forest Officers' Handbook of the Gold Coast, Ashanti and the Northern Territories
Notes Concerning the Wampanoag Tribe of Indians: With Some Account of a Rock Picture on the Shore of Mount Hope Bay, in Bristol; R. I
Some Problems in Geophysics
Real Estate Agent and Broker: 20 Bellevue Avenue, Near Kay Street, Newport, R. I.; List of Cottages and Villas to Rent for Season of 1887
Minutes of the Eightieth Annual Session of the Synod of New Jersey: Held in the First Presbyterian Church, Asbury Park, N. J., October, 1902
The Young Farmer's Manual
Freemasonry; Its Outward and Visible Signs: A Description of the Jewels, Clothing Furniture, for All Degrees, With Alphabeitcal Index
An Eighteenth Century Squire: His Journals and Letters
Evolution or Creation: A Critical Review of the Scientific and Scriptural, Theories of Creation and Certain Related Subjects
Electrical Catechism an Introductory Treatise on Electricity and Its Uses
Oak and Ivy
The Religious Question in Mexico: A Reply to Senor Enriquez
Francis, Lord Bacon: Or, the Case of Private and National Corruption and Bribery, Impartially Consider'd
The First Step: An Essay on the Morals of Diet, to Which Are Added Two Stories
Phil-O-Rum's Canoe: And Madeleine Vercheres
Good Order Established in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
The Improvement of Human Reason, Exhibited in the Life of Hayy Ibn Yakzan: Written in Arabic Above 600 Years Ago
Rochester and Its Early Canal Days: Reminiscences of the Author, While Engaged on the New York State Waterways, the Erie, Genesee Valley, Black River, and Other Lateral Canals
Reminiscences of Canada: And the Early Days of Fergus
The Inheritance of Fecundity in Fowls
Birds and Their Nests
The Ancestry and Posterity of Cornelius Henry Tiebout of Brooklyn
Genealogy of the Van Brunt Family: 1653-1867
The Modern Practical Bread Baker: Giving the Newest Methods of Making Bread by Hand and Machinery
Learning to Fly: A Practical Manual for Beginners
Royal Descent
Sheep: Breeds and Management
Narrative of a Voyage to the South Seas, and the Shipwreck of the Princess of Wales Cutter: With an Account of Two Years' Residence on an Uninhabited Island
The Making of Methodism: Studies in the Genesis of Institutions
Iroquis Foods and Food Preparation
Foundry Work: A Text on Molding, Dry-Sand Core-Making, and the Melting and Mixing of Metals
Chapeltown Researches, Archaeololgical and Historical: Including Old-Time Memories of Thorncliff, Its Ironworks and Collieries, and Their Antecedents
Solenodon Paradoxus
Ponds Rock Pools: With Hints on Collecting for and the Management of the Micro-Aquarium
England Under the Normans and Angevins, 1066-1272
The Natural History of Pliny: Translated, With Copious Notes and Illustrations
The Works of Algernon Charles Swinburne: Poems
My Candy Secrets: A Book of Simple and Accurate Information Which, if Faithfully Followed, Will Enable the Novice to Make Candies That Need Not Fear Comparison With the Professional Product
History of Marin County, California: Including Its Geography, Geology, Topography and Climatography
The Industries of Japan: Together With an Account of Its Agriculture, Forestry, Arts, and Commerce; From Travels and Researches Undertaken at the Cost of the Prussian Government
Regulations for Conducting the Musketry Instruction of the Army: Adjutant-General's Office, Horse Guards, 1st February 1859
Proposed Roads to Freedom: Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism
The History of the Town and Castle of Tamworth, in the Counties of Stafford and Warwick
The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln: Containing Many Unpublished Documents and Unpublished Reminiscences of Lincoln's Early Friends
The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft
Modern Blacksmithing: Rational Horse Shoeing and Wagon Making, With Rules, Tables, Recipes, Etc
The Elements of Language
Einstein, the Searcher: His Work Explained From Dialogues With Einstein
History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierras
Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties, Indiana
Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Building of a Nation
Genealogy of the Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham, Pennsylvania
The Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, R. I
The Mind and Society: Trattato Di Sociologia Generale; The General Form of Society
Life and Letters of the Right Honourable Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke, G. C. B., D. C. L., Etc: With a Memoir of Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, G. C. B., Sometime Governor-General of Canada
School Physics: A New Text-Book for High Schools and Academies
The Rules of the Road at Sea: Comprising the International Rules for Prevention of Collision at Sea
The Historians' History of the World: A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise and Development of Nations as Recorded by Over Two Thousand of the Great Writers of All Ages; Greece to the Roman Conquest
Down East Latch Strings: Or Seashore, Lakes and Mountains by the Boston Maine Railroad; Beg Descriptive of the Tourist Region of New England Ng
Illustrated Lectures on Ambulance Work
Pigeons and All About Them
Landmarks in Ancient Dover: New Hampshire
The Cremation of the Dead: Considered From an AEsthetic, Sanitary, Religious, Historical, Medico-Legal, and Economical Standpoint
Szechwan: Its Products, Industries and Resources
Organisation: As Applied to Industrial Problems
A Preliminary Report on the Upper Gold Belt of Alabama: In the Counties of Cleburne, Randolph, Clay, Talladega, Elmore, 1896
Fourteen Months: In American Bastiles
Early Chicago: A Lecture, Delivered Before the Sunday Lecture Society, at McCormick Hall, on Sunday Afternoon, May 7th, 1876
Testimonies for the Truth: A Record of Manifestations of the Power of God, Miraculous and Providential
The Natick Resolution or Resistance to Slaveholders: The Right and Duty of Southern Slaves and Northern Freemen
Button Gwinnett, Man of Mystery: Member of the Continental Congress, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, President of the Provincial Council of Georgia, a Brief Biographical Review
The Tea Room Booklet
An Ex-Slaveholder's View of the Negro Question in the South
A Review of Winthrops's Journal: The History of New-England From 1630-1649
The Ocean of Theosophy
Short History of Ireland: Adapted From a Birds-Eye View of Irish History by Sir Charles Gavan Duffy, for Supplementary Reading in Our Parish Schools
The Problem of Truth
The Syrian Goddess: Being a Translation of Lucian's "De Dea Syria," With a Life of Lucian
Thoughts From Emerson: Selections From the Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson for Every Day in the Year
Ancient History, or Annals of Kentucky, 1824: With a Survey of the Ancient Monuments of North America, and a Tabular View of the Principal Languages and Primitive Nations of the Whole Earth
Plans for Public Schoolhouses: With Explanations, Specifications, Bills of Material and Estimates of Cost
The Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar: With an Outline of Professor Rask and Grimm's Systems
What Shall I Buy for a Present: A Special Announcement
Ships, Shipping and Fishing: With Some Account of Our Seaports and Their Industries
The Conduct of Life, or the Universal Order of Confucius: A Translation of One of the Four Confucian Books, Hitherto Known as the Doctrine of the Mean
Calculation of Exact Eigenfunctions of Spin and Angular Momentum Using the Projection Operator Method: August 15, 1961
Essentials of Osteopathy: Nerve Centers and Landmarks
Registers of the French Church of Portarlington, Ireland
Ups and Downs of a Crook's Life
Enniskillen Long Ago: An Historic Sketch of the Parish
Tertullian Against Praxeas
Bombay Place-Names and Street-Names: An Excursion Into the by-Ways of the History of Bombay City
Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?: Or, Curious Revelations From the Life of a Trance Medium
The Military Policy of the United States
Football: The Rugby Union Game
The National Geographic Magazine: Index, July to December, 1917
A Duet: With an Occasional Chorus
The Canning River Region Northern Alaska
American Interoceanic Canals
An Introduction to English Church Architecture From the Eleventh to the Sixteenth Century
Pictures of Memory
The Decrees of God: A Discourse
The Kingdom of Heaven: A Revelation
The Soul-Winner and Soul-Winning
Robert Wallace, M. P., And James Chalmers, the Scottish Postal Reformers: Letters, Recent Press Articles, and Recognitions at Home and Abroad
English Lyrics of a Finnish Harp
Ford Madox Brown: A Record of His Life and Work
Conditional Immortality: A Help to Sceptics
The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth: Extracted Textually From the Gospels, Together With a Comparison of His Doctrines With Those of Others
A Magazine of Letters: 1895
A Paraphrase and Annotations Upon All the Books of the New Testament: Briefly Explaining All the Difficult Places Thereof
Life of Napoleon: Translated From the French; With an Atlas
Minty and the Cavalry: A History of Cavalry Campaigns in the Western Armies
Seminole Music
Poster Ideas and Bulletin Board Techniques: For Libraries and Schools
A Topographical Dictionary of the Dominion of Wales
Gesta Regis Henrici Secundi Benedicti Abbatis: The Chronicle of the Reigns of Henry II. And Richard I., A. D. 1169-1192; Known Commonly Under the Name of Benedict of Peterborough
Ringworm in the Light of Recent Research: Pathology Treatment Prophylaxis
Rube Burrow: King of Outlaws, and His Band of Train Robbers: An Accurate and Faithful History of Their Exploits and Adventures
Mimicry in Butterflies
A Treatise on the Construction and Use of Milling Machines Made by Brown Sharpe Mfg; Co: Providence, R. I., U. S. A., Manufacturers of Machinery and Tools
Kashi the City Illustrious: Or Benares
Salt Glazed Stoneware: Germany, Flanders, England and the United States
Pleasurable Poultry Keeping
The Alabama Claims: A Synopsis
The Church Clerk: A Handbook for Clerks of Baptist Churches
The Inventor's Adviser, and Manufacturer's Handbook to Patents, Trade-Marks, Designs, Copyrights, Prints and Labels
Cotton Mather and Salem Witchcraft
The Birds of Guernsey: And the Neighboring Islands Alderney, Sark, Jethou, Herm; Being a Small Contribution to the Ornithology of the Channel Islands
Lessons in Geography
Cash and Credit
On the Phenomena of Hybridity in the Genus Homo
The Temple of Solomon: A Study of Semitic Culture
Vegetable Culture: A Primer for Amateurs, Cottagers, and Allotment-Holders
Mathematical Questions: With Their Solutions, From the "Educational Times," With Many Papers and Solutions Not Published in the "Educational Times"
History of the United States: From 1492 to 1866, for the Use of Schools
Instructive Costume Design
Metaphysics or the Philosophy of Consciousness, Phenomenal and Real
Design of Electrical Machinery: A Manual for the Use, Primarily, of Students in Electrical Engineering Courses
The History of Ancient Civilization: A Hand-Book Based Upon M. Gustave Ducoudray's Histoire Sommaire De La Civilisation
A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Revelation of St. John: With Introduction, Notes, and Indices Also the Greek Text and English Translation
The Tilson Genealogy From Edmond Tilson at Plymouth, N. E., 1638 to 1911: With Brief Sketches of the Family in England Back to 1066
The Flora of New England: A Manual for the Identification of All Vascular Plants, Including Ferns and Fern Allies Growing Without Cultivation in New England
Peking: A Historical and Intimate Description of Its Chief Places of Interest
The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne and a Garden Kalendar
Treatise on the Law of Injunctions: As Administered in the Courts of the United States and England
The Historians' History of the World: A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise and Development of Nations as Recorded by Over Two Thousand of the Great Writers of All Ages; France, 843-1715
Contes De Fees: Classic Fairy Tales for Beginners in French
The Case of Oscar Slater
Mathematical Elements of Natural Philosophy, Confirmed by Experiments: Or, an Introduction to Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy
Songs of the Wind, on a Southern Shore: And Other Poems
A Study of the Radiation of the Atmosphere: Based Upon Observations of the Nocturnal Radiation During Expeditions to Algeria and to California
Burnz Phonetic Stenography, Arranged on the Basis of Isaac Pitman's Phonography
Warwickshire Place Names
Christie's Old Organ: Or Home, Sweet Home
The Oyster Dredgers of Whitstable
The Oologists' Record: March 1, 1923
Notes on Land and Sea: 1850
An Illustrated Repertory of Pains in Chest, Sides and Back: Their Direction and Character, Confirmed by Clinical Cases
A Magazine of Letters: 1893
A History of Roman Classical Literature
Intimate China: The Chinese as I Have Seen Them
Queen Victoria a Biography
The Steam-Engine: And Other Heat-Motors
Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia
History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature, So Far as It Illustrates the Primitive Religion of the Brahmans
The Principles of Empirical or Inductive Logic
Origin and History of the Books of the New Testament, Both the Canonical and the Apocraphal: Designed to Show What the Bible Is Not, What It Is and How to Use It
The First World War, 1914-1918
New Arabian Nights: The Novels and Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson
The Original Buckeye Cook Book and Practical Housekeeping: A Compilation of Choice and Carefully Tested Recipes
Law and Order Reconsidered: Report of the Task Force on Law and Law Enforcement to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence
Veterinary Medicine Series No; 2: Poultry Diseases With a Chapter on the Anatomy of the Fowl
The Catalpa Expedition: With Illustrations
The Birds of Oxfordshire
The Penycuik Experiments
The Revolt of the Field
Pandita Ramabai: The Widow's Friend, an Australasian; Edition of the High
Days and Nights of Shikar
Noh, or Accomplishment a Study of the Classical Stage of Japan
Historic Masonry: Outlines of a History of Freemasonry From the Most Ancient to Modern Times
Introduction to Economic Statistics
Ninevah and Its Ruins, or the History of the Great City
Groton During the Indian Wars
Naylor's System of Teaching Geography: Adapted to Pelton's Outline Maps
A Selected Bibliography and Syllabus of the History of the South: 1584-1876
The Arab Conquests in Central Asia
Dear Old K
Islam: Her Moral and Spiritual Value, a Rational and Psychological Study
The Parallel History of the Jewish Monarchy: Printed in the Text of the Revised Version 1885; The Reigns of David and Solomon, 1 Samuel 31 to 1 Kings 11, 1 Chronicles 10 to 2 Chronicles 9
Physical Laboratory Experiments: Mechanics, Optics and Heat
The Death Valley Chuck-Walla: A Magazine for Men, January the 1st, 1907
Some Problems of Geodynamics: Being an Essay to Which the Adams Prize, in the University of Cambridge, Was Adjudged in 1911
Genealogy of the Family of Gresham
The Physiology and Pathology of the Cerebral Circulation: An Experimental Research
Genealogy of the Morr Family
Genealogy of the Wheatley or Wheatleigh Family: A History of the Family in England and America
Popular Legends of Brittany: An English Version of Souvestre's Foyer Breton, From a German
Pilot Small Business Technology Transfer (Sttr) And Small Business Innovation Research (Sbir) Program
A Treatise on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Mucous Membranes: With Illustrative Pathological Observations
The Marvels of Divine Grace Meditations
Our Winter Birds: How to Know and How to Attract Them
The Life of Claud Martin, Major-General in the Army of the Honourable East India Company
A Guide to the County of Wicklow, 1827: Illustrated by Engravings, With a Large Map of the County, From Actual Survey
Imaginative Biography: By Sir Egerton Brydges
Myths of the Hindus Buddhists
Mesmerism and Its Opponents: With a Narrative of Cases
A History of the German Language
Hours With the Ghosts, or Nineteenth Century Witchcraft: Illustrated Investigations Into the Phenomena of Spiritualism and Theosophy
The Early Eucharist: A. D. 30 180
Arian Controversy
The Elements of Biblical Interpretation: Or an Exposition of the Laws by Which the Scriptures Are Capable of Being Correctly Interpreted
The Truth: A Message From the Spirit
History of England: From the Accession of James I. To the Outbreak of the Civil War 1603-1642; 1639-1641
The Prophetic Element in the Old Testament: An Aid to Historical Study for Use in Advanced Bible Classes
Sociology: The Science of Human Society
British Africa: With Four Maps
Egypt of the Pharaohs and of the Kedive
The History of England From the Accession of James
The Voyage of the Deutschland
Ovid's Tristia III: With Introduction, Notes, Vocabularies, and Translation
Long-Range Rifle Shooting: A Complete History of the International Long-Range Matches; Complete Elcho Shield Scores; Rules and Regulations of the N. R. An;, Etc;, Etc;; Fully Illustrated
Lullaby-Land: Songs of Childhood
The Story of Holland
Across Widest Africa: An Account of the Country and People of Eastern, Central and Western Africa as Seen During a Twelve Months' Journey From Djibuti to Cape Verde
The Ancient Ruins of Rhodesia (Monomotapae Imperium)
The Law of Freedom and Bondage in the United States
Mechanism of the Heavens
Goethe Iphigenie Auf Tauris: Buchheim
First Aid for Boys: A Manual for Boy Scouts and for Others Interested in Prompt Help for the Injured and the Sick
Descriptive Catalogue of the Reptiles of British India
History of the Town of Gorham, Maine: Prepared at the Request of the Town
Industrial Arts Design: A Textbook of Practical Methods for Students, Teachers, and Craftsmen
Some Account of English Deer Parks: With Notes on the Management of Deer
The Electromagnetic Field Produced by a Helix
Imperial Welding and Cutting Hand Book: Oxy-Acetylene, Oxy-Hydrogen, Carbon Burning
Indian and Mexican Handicraft
Domesday Studies: An Analysis and Digest of the Somerset Survey (According to the Exon Codex): And of the Somerset Gheld Inquest of A. D. 1084, as Collated With, and Illustrated By, Domesday
Gloucester: One of the First Chapters of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Diamonds in the Rough: Acres and Acres of Diamonds
Address on the Truth, Dignity, Power and Beauty of the Principles of Peace: And on the Unchristian Character and Influence of War and the Warrior
A Treatise on the Art of Music: In Which the Elements of Harmony and Air Are Practically Considered, and Illustrated by an Hundred and Fifty Examples in Notes
Elan Vital
Images: Old and New
Guide-Book to Palestine: Circ; A. D. 1350
Harriet Tubman: Who Led Slaves to Freedom
The Creation-Story of Genesis I: A Sumerian Theogony and Cosmogony
A Compendious Sanskrit Grammar: With a Brief Sketch of Scenic Pr krit
Introduction to the Study of Sign Language Among the North American Indians: As Illustrating the Gesture Speech of Mankind
Wall's History of Jefferson County, Illinois
Opthalmological Apparatus: Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgical Instruments, Specialists' Equipment
The History of the Worthies of England
American Duck Shooting
A History of the British Army: Second Part Continued From the Fall of the Bastille to the Peace of Amiens, 1789 1801
A History of Kentucky Baptists: From 1769 to 1885, Including More Than 800 Biographical Sketches
Life and Letters of Dolly Madison
A Manual of Steam-Boilers: Their Design, Construction, and Operation; For Technical Schools and Engineers
A Pluralistic Universe Hibbert Lectures at Manchester College, on the Present Situation in Philosophy
American Myths and Legends
Personal Efficiency in Business
How to Know Wild Fruits a Guide to Plants When Not in Flower, by Means of Fruit and Leaf
The Secrets of the Invisible World Disclos'd, or an Universal History of Apparitions Sacred and Prophane, Under All Denominations: Whether, Angelical, Diabolical, or Human-Souls Departed
The Houseboat Book: The Log of a Cruise From Chicago to New Orleans
Historical Sketch of the St. Louis University: The Celebration of Its Fiftieth Anniversary, or Golden Jubilee, on June 24, 1879
Total Eclipses of the Sun
The Oliver Plow Book: A Treatise on Plows and Plowing
Life of St. Benedict Surnamed the Moor: The Son of a Slave, Canonized by Pope Pius VII, May 24th, 1807
The Writing of News: A Handbook With Chapters on Newspaper Correspondence and Copy Reading
Vocal Score of Princess Ida, or Castle Adamant
Mackinac Island and Sault Ste Marie
The Principles of the Transformer
A Tea Planter's Life in Assam: With Seventy-Five Illustrations by the Author
Harald First of the Vikings
Banani the Transition From Slavery to Freedom in Zanzibar and Pemba
Patience: A Tale
Our Workshop, Being a Practical Guide to the Amateur in the Art of Carpentry and Joinery
The Silicates: In Chemistry and Commerce, Including the Exposition of a Hexite and Pentite Theory and of a Stereo-Chemical Theory of General Application
The Country House: A Practical Manual of the Planning and Construction
The History of Chivalry: Or Knighthood and Its Times
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 1912
Three Degrees of Glory: A Discourse
American Boletes
The Life of James McNeill Whistler
Historical Atlas and Chronology of the Life of Jesus Christ: A Text Book and Companion to a Harmony of the Gospels
Astronomical Observations Made at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh: From October 1834 to December 1835
The Elder and His Work
History of Ireland: From the Anglo-Norman Invasion Until the Union of the Country With Great Britain
Souvenir Album of the Dedication of Saint Ignatius Church, Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois, Sunday, September 16, 1917: Containing a History of Saint Ignatius Parish and a Description of the New Church
The Heart of Nature, or the Quest for Natural Beauty
Napoleon I: A Biography
Heavy Horses: Breeds and Management
The American Boys Engineering Book
The Beginnings of Buddhist Art: And Other Essays in Indian and Central-Asian Archeology
The Fardle of Facions: London, 1555
Catechism on Modernism: According to the Encyclical 'Pascendi Dominici Gregis' of His Holiness Pius X
A Way of Life: An Address to Yale Students Sunday Evening, April 20th, 1913
The Divinity School Address: Delivered Before the Senior Class in Divinity College, Cambridge, Sunday Evening, July 15, 1838
Malachi: With Notes and Introduction
David Garrick: A Comedy, in Three Acts
The Training and Pruning of Fruit Trees
Judging of Draft Horses: April, 1915
Plymouth Armada Heroes
The Rest of Faith
Modern Milk Goats: Status of the Milk Goat Industry, Methods of Profitable Milk Production, Care and Management of Commercial Herds and Household Goats, 76 Illustrations
Works on Horsemanship and Swordsmanship: In the Library of F. H. Huth
Free-Hand Perspective: For Use in Manual-Training Schools and Colleges
The Practical Pigeon Keeper
The Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil
History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Ir
Getting Ready to Be a Mother: A Little Book of Information and Advice for the Young, Woman Who Is Looking Forward to Motherhood
Our Reptiles and Batrachians: A Plain and Easy Account of the Lizards, Snakes, Newts, Toads, Frogs and Tortoises Indigenous to Great Britain
The Complete Works of Count Tolstoy
History of the Board of Trade of the City of Chicago
The Catholic Church Alone: The One True Church of Christ, Sumptuously; Illustrated With Famous Paintings by the Great Masters
The Meaning of God, in Human Experience: A Philosophic Study of Religion
Lessons of War as Taught by the Great Masters: And Others; Selected and Arranged From the Various Operations of War
Pioneer History of Indiana: Including Stories, Incidents, and Customs of the Early Settlers
The Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics
Explorations in South-West Africa: Being an Account of a Journey in the Years 1861 and 1862 From Walvisch Bay, on the Western Coast, to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls
"Billy" Sunday, the Man and His Message: With His Own Words Which Have Won Thousands for Christ
History of the Kingdom of Naples, 1734-1825: With a Supplementary Chapter 1825-1856
Domestic Economy and Plain Sewing and Knitting: A Manual for Teachers and Housekeepers
Theory of Political Economy
Catalogue of Arabic Books in the British Museum
A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry
Goethe's Iphigenie Auf Tauris
Bone Products and Manures: An Account of the Most Recent Improvements in the Manufacture of Fat, Glue, Animal Charcoal, Size, Gelatine, and Manures
Tables of Incomplete -Function: Computed by the Staff of the Department of Applied Statistics, University of London, University College
The Divine Office: Considered From a Devotional Point of View
A Poetical Dictionary, or Popular Terms Illustrated in Rhyme: With Explanatory Remarks; For the Use of Society in General, and Politicians in Particular
Plutarch's Lives: Demosthenes and Cicero, Alexander and Caesar
Bessboro: A History of Westport, Essex Co;, N. Y
The Michigan Law of Marriage and Divorce: With Forms of Procedure Conforming to the Michigan Judicature Act
In Praise of Ale: With Some Curious Particulars Concerning Ale-Wives and Brewers, Drinking-Clubs
History of the County of Lunenburg
Palestine and Syria: With the Chief Routes Through Mesopotamia and Babylonis, Handbook for Travellers
Kerr on Fraud and Mistake: Including the Law Relating to Misrepresentation Generally, Undue Influence, Fiduciary Relations, Constructive Notice, Specific Performance, &C
The Diary of Samuel Pepys, From 1659 to 1669: With Memoir
Beauty and the Beast: Blanch and Rosalinda
Essays on the Active Powers of the Human Mind: An Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense; And an Essay on Quantity
Canadian Born
Joseph Smith, Jr., As a Translator
April Airs: A Book of New England Lyrics
Kinlochbervie: Being the Story and Traditions of a Remote Highland Parish and Its People
St. Elizabeth of Hungary: Patroness of the Third Order
Concrete Troughs, Tanks, Hog Wallows, Manure Pits and Cisterns
The Apology of Al Kindy, Written at the Court of Al Mamun A H. 215: A D. 830 in Defense of Christianity Against Islam, With an Essay on Its Age and Authorship Read Before the Royal Asiatic Society
Swedenborg and His Mission: A Lecture Delivered Before the Massachusetts Association of the New=jerusalem Church, at Its Session in Boston, April 7, 1859
Little Pillows: Or Good-Night Thoughts for the Little Ones
Rawson and Evans: Manufacturers of Chipped, Ground, Enameled and Embossed Glass in All Varieties
The Life of Jesus Christ According to the Gospel History
An Impartial Account of Lieut. Col. Bradstreet's Expedition to Fort Frontenac: To Which Are Added, a Few Reflections on the Conduct of That Enterprize, and the Advantages Resulting From Its Success
A Source Book for Medieval History: Selected Documents Illustrating, the History of Europe in the Middle Age
The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria
A History of the Forty-Fourth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, in the Civil War, 1861-1865
The Round Towers of Ireland: Or the History of the Tuath-De-Danaans
Standardized Reporting Shorthand (Pitmanic): Principles, Commonest English Words, Word Signs and Contractions
Marriage Notices in the South-Carolina Gazette: And Country Journal (1765-1775) And in the Charlestown Gazette (1778-1780)
Model Engines and Small Boats: New Methods of Engine and Boiler Making; With a Chapter on Elementary Ship Design and Construction
Gymnastic Exercises, Without Apparatus: According to Ling's System, for the Due Development and Strengthening of the Human Body
The Schuyler Mansion at Albany: Residence of Major-General Philip Schuyler, 1762-1804
Two Centuries of Costume in America: MDCXX MDCCCXX
Hymns of the Christian Life: No. 2
The American Home Garden: Being Principles and Rules for the Culture of Vegetables, Fruits
Eben-Ezer, or a Small Monument of Great Mercy: Appearing in the Miraculous Deliverance of William Okeley, William Adams, John Anthony, John Jephs, John-Carpenter From the Miserable Slavery of Algiers
The Preacher's Complete Homiletical Commentary on the Old Testament: On an Original Plan; With Critical and Explanatory Notes, Indices, &C., &C
The Black Book of Paisley and Other Manuscripts of the Scotichronicon: With a Note Upon John De Burdeus or John De Burgundia, Otherwise Sir John Mandeville, and the Pestilence
Encomium Emmae Reginae
Apples of Gold: A Book of Selected Verse
Rodeheaver Collection for Male Voices: One Hundred and Sixty Quartets and Choruses for Men, Consisting of Gospel Songs-New and Old the Popular Songs Used in the "Billy" Sunday Campaigns
Mourt's Relation, or Journal of the Plantation at Plymouth: With an Introduction and Notes
The Laws Respecting Commons and Commoners: Comprising the Law Relative to the Rights and Privileges of Both Lords and Commoners
The Marriages of the Bonapartes
A Handbook of Lancashire Place-Names
The Story of Portugal
Refrigeration: A Practical Treatise on the Production of Low Temperatures as Applied to the Manufacture of Ice and to the Design and Operation of Cold Storage Plants
Three Prose Versions of the Secreta Secretorum: Edited With Introduction and Notes; Text and Glossary
History of Egypt: From the Earliest Times to the Xvith Dynasty
Elementary Thermodynamics
Alberuni's India: An Account of the Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Geography, Chronology, Astronomy, Customs, Laws and Astrology of India, About A. D. 1030
Hand Book to Foreign Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate: With the Exception of Those on French Plate; Containing 163 Stamps
A Critical Summary of Troost's Unpublished Manuscript on the Crinoids of Tennessee
Introduction to General Chemistry
The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Manual of the Science of Religion
Comparative Religion, Its Genesis and Growth
W. Blacker's Catechism of Fly Making, Angling and Dyeing: Comprising Most Essential Information
Psychopathia Sexualis: With Especial Reference to the Antipathic Sexual Instinct
Common Observances and Explanations of Some of the Rules of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: St. Joseph's Convent, Dubuque, Iowa
When the Devil Was Well
The Thompson Street Poker Club
A Guide to the Local History of Fremont, Ohio, Prior to 1860
English Grammar by Parallelism and Comparison
An Investigation of the Physical Properties of Dental Materials
Rambles in Eirinn
Pinsker and Political Zionism
The Complete Handbook of Boxing and Wrestling: With Full Simple Instructions on Acquiring These Useful, Invigorating, and Health-Giving Arts; Illustrated With Fifty Original Engravings and Portraits
An Introduction to Methodological Problems of Field Studies in Disasters: A Special Report Prepared for the Committee on Disaster Studies
Tools and Materials Used in Etching and Engraving: A Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection Exhibited in the Museum
Alden-Fuller Record: A Record of the Descendants of Lemuel Fuller, Sr., Fifth From John Alden and Priscilla Mullins; Fourth From Dr. Samuel Fuller
Origin and History of the Mosher Family and Genealogy of One Branch of That Family: From the Year 1600 to the Present Time
The Belle's Stratagem: A Comedy, in Three Acts
Genealogy of the Gilman Family in England and America: Traced in the Line of the Hon. John Gilman, of Exeter, N. H
Luther's Own Statements Concerning His Teaching and Its Results: Taken Exclusively From the Earliest and Best Editions of Luther's German and Latin Works
The Overcoming Life, and Other Sermons
Bugle Signals, Calls and Marches: For Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Revenue Cutter Service and National Guard
International Exhibition, 1876 Official Catalogue: Art Gallery, Annexes, and Outdoor Works of Art; Department IV Art
Genealogy in Part, of the Anderson-Owen-Beall Families
The Dispensary: A Poem, in Six Canto's
Day After Day: A Manual of Devotions for Individual and Family Use
Mrs. Whitman's Letters
Three Years in Savage Africa
Prehistoric Times: As Illustrated by Ancient Remains, and the Manners and Customs, of Modern Savages
The Latins in the Levant: A History of Frankish Greece (1204-1566)
Songs of the Spirit: Hymns of Praise and Prayer to God the Holy Ghost
Natural Religion: The Gifford Lectures Delivered Before the University of Glasgow in 1888
A Text-Book of Logic
Duanaire Finn, the Book of the Lays of Fionn: Irish Text, With Translation Into English
Annales Cambriae
The Parable of the Ten Virgins Opened and Applied: Being the Substance of Divers Sermons on Matth. 25. 1-13
Nathan the Wise: A Dramatic Poem
Man of Feeling: A New Edition
Romeo and Juliet: Romeo Und Julia
Poems: Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
Egypt Under the Amenemhats and Hyksos
Census of India, 1911: India; Part II., Tables
Mrs. Besant the Alcyone Case
Principles of Sacred Eloquence
Catalogue of the Library of the India Office: Supplement
The New Magdalene: A Novel
Internal Combustion Engines: Their Theory, Construction and Operation
The Imperial Gazetteer of India: Cochin to Ganguria
The Secret of Hegel: The Hegelian System; Origin, Principle, Form, and Matter
An English Commentary on Dante's Divina Commedia
Judaism as a Civilization: Toward a Reconstruction of American-Jewish Life
The Student's Text-Book of Electricity
A New System, or an Analysis of Ancient Mythology: Wherein an Attempt Is Made to Divest Tradition of Fable; And to Reduce the Truth to Its Original Purity
Four Mystery Plays: The Portal of Initiation And, the Soul's Probation
The Christianity of Stoicism, or Selections From Arrian's Discourses of Epictetus
The Holy War Made by King Shaddai Upon Diabolus, to Regain the Metropolis of the World: Or the Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul
The Oglander Memoirs: Extracts From the Mss; Of Sir J. Oglander, Kt;, Of Nunwell, Isle of Wight, Deputy-Governor of Portsmouth, and Deputy-Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight, 1595 1648
The "Historia Brittonum": From a Manuscript Lately Discovered in the Library of the Vatican Palace at Rome
The Golden Ass of Apuleius: Translated Out of Latin by William Adlington, Anno 1566, With an Introduction by Charles Whibley
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum: Being the Transactions of the Lodge Quatuor Coronati, No; 2076, London; Part 1
The Metallurgy of Lead Silver: Lead; Being One of a Series of Treatise on Metallurgy Written by Associates of the Royal School of Mines
New Games for Parlor and Lawn: With a Few Old Friends in a New Dress
Ancient Law: Its Connection With the Early History of Society and Its Relation to Modern Ideas
Paper Paper Making: Ancient and Modern
The Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events of All Nations
One Thousand Books for Children
Field Manual for Engineers
The Story of the Counties of Ontario
The Jews and Masonry in the United States Before 1810
The Moral, Social, and Professional Duties of Attorneys and Solicitors: With Notes, Additional Cases and Authorities
Life in Christ and for Christ
Calvin Coolidge: His First Biography; From Cornerstone to Capstone to the Accession
Memoir of John Brown, D.D: Letter to Rev. Dr. Cairns
The Westhafer Genealogy
The Burr-Hamilton Duel: With Correspondence Preceding Same, Etc
Narrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard: A Native of Clearfield County, Pa., Who Spent Five Years in Trapping for Furs, Trading With the Indians, &C., &C., Of the Rocky Mountains
The Chemistry of the Diazo-Compounds
Sketch of Rev. Seth Sweetser, D. D
On Some Freshwater Algae From the West Indies
A New History of Methodism
The Story of Beautiful Jim Key: The Most Wonderful Horse in All the World
Judge Richard Reid: A Biography
Applied Anatomy: Surgical, Medical, and Operative
Military Chaplains' Review: Training for Combat Ministry, the Chaplain at the National Training Center; Summer 1986
The Bridgewater Treatises: On the Power Wisdom and Goodness of God as Manifested in the Creation
Handbook of the Law of Trusts
Logic as the Science of the Pure Concept: Translated From the Italian of Benedetto Croce
The Complete Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation
Night Thoughts, on Life, Death and Immortality
A Revision of the Nearctic Termites
The Exempt Firemen of San Francisco: Their Unique and Gallant Record; Together With a Resume of the San Francisco Fire Department and Its Personnel
Guy Fawkes, or the Gunpowder Treason
Queen-Rearing in England: With Notes on a Scent-Producing Organ in the Worker-Bee and How Pollen Is Collected by the Honey-Bee and Bumble-Bee
Lives of the English Saints: St. Aelred, Abbot of Rievaux; St. William, Archbishop of York; St. Waltheof; St. Robert
The Owl and the Pussy-Cat, And, the Duck and the Kangaroo
Testimony to Christ and a Witness for Freedom: Who Is Carl McIntire?
Maximizing Predictability in the Stock and Bond Markets
The Sight of Hell
Wellesley Song Book
Graphic Presentation of Pacific Sardine Age Composition Data
Plutarch's Lives: Containing Brief and Accurate Accounts of the Lives of Famous Greeks and Romans
Sexology: Or Startling Sins of the Sterner Sex
Illustrated Catalogue of Steinway and Sons' Pianos
Irish-American History of the United States
A History of Hindu Chemistry: From the Earliest Times to the Middle of the Sixteenth Century A. D., With Sanskrit Texts, Variants, Translation and Illustrations
The United States of America: 1765-1865
Admiralty Jurisdiction, Law, and Practice: With an Appendix, Containing Rules, Statutes, and Forms
Instruction and Hints on Rowing
Introduction to Algebra: For the Use of Secondary Schools and Technical Colleges
Educational Missions
Anglo-Saxon Supremacy or Race Contributions to Civilization
Treatise on Magnetism and Electricity
Burma: Past and Present With Personal Reminiscences of the Country
Plants and Man
The Siege of Charleston; Its History and Progress: A Discourse, Delivered in Bethel Church, Charleston, S. C., November 19, 1863
Owain Glyndwr and His Times
Designs and Instructions for Irish Crochet Lace
Sewage Sludge Composting in Small Towns
The Life of Apollonius Tyanaeus: With a Comparison Between the Miracles of Scripture and Those Elsewhere Related, as Regards Their Respective Object, Nature, and Evidence
The Voice of an Oppressed People
Vascular Plants of a Desert Oasis: Flora and Ethnobotany of Quitobaquito, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona
Pictures of Ships and the Sea
Peter-Loo Massacre: No. 1
Boxing, and how to train
God a Present Help
Masonry Construction: A Guide to Approved American Practice in the Selection of Building Stone, Brick, Cement, and Other Masonry Materials, and in All Braches of the Art of Masonry Construction
Lord Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage to Portugal, Critically Examined
Chartism and the Churches: A Study in Democracy
The Religion of the Luiseno Indians of Southern California
Astronomy for All
Making the Movies
The Native Tribes of Eastern Bolivia and Western Matto Grosso
What Makes a Friend?: Definitions and Opinions From Various Sources
Pen to Silversheet
Electro-Motors: A Treatise on the Means and Apparatus Employed in the Transmission of Electrical Energy and Its Conversion Into Motive Power, for the Use of Engineers and Others
The Complete Works of Charlotte Bronte and Her Sisters
The Discoverie of Witchcraft
The Rise of the Republic of the United States
Algebra: An Elementary Text-Book for the Higher Classes of Secondary Schools and for Colleges
The Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah According to the Jewish Interpreters
Through Asia
Matte Smelting: Its Principles and Later Developments Discussed, With an Account of the Pyritic Processes
The Law of Nations: Or, Principles of the Law of Nature, Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Soverigns, From the French of Monsieur De Vattel
Autogenous Welding and Cutting
The African Repository and Colonial Journal: March, 1844
Hitopadesa, a New Literal Translation From the Sanskrit Text, of Prof. F. Johnson: For the Use of Students
The Apple Orchard From Planting to Bearing Age
A Knowledge-Based Approach to Assisting in Data Quality Judgement
Exercises at the Dedication of the Monument to Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Infantry, May 31, 1897
Twentieth Century Catalogue: The Cornish High Grade American Pianos and Organs
Lectures on the Present Position of Catholics in England: Addressed to the Brothers of the Oratory; Lecture III, Fable the Basis of the Protestant View
Brown Alumni Monthly: March, 1953
Branch and Bound Methods for Combinatorial Problems
The Future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato): Hearing Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate
Corporate Culture: What It Is and How to Change It
College Songs: A Collection of New and Popular Songs of the American Colleges
Amended Sequestration Act of Confederate States, With Amended Rules of the Confederate Court, for the District of South Carolina: And an Appendix of Forms
The Hudson's Bay Company's Monopoly of the Fur Trade at the Red River Settlement, 1821-1850
Early Marriage Records of the Weaver Family in the United States: Official and Authoritative Records of Weaver Marriages in the Original States and Colonies From 1628 to 1865
Hawaii: Its People, Their Legends
Mohawk Valley Cook Book: Compiled by the Ladies' Society of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Canajoharie, N. Y., 1889
Lettering for Commercial Purposes
Redemptioners and Indentured Servants in the Colony and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Report on the Agricultural Prospects, Natives, Salmon Fisheries, Coal Prospects and Development, and Timber and Lumber Interests of Alaska, 1903
Three Letters From Philemon to Onesimus: In Which the Doctrine of the Trinity Is Beautifully Handled; And a Variety of Other Subjects Dwelt On
Sea-Side and Way-Side: No; 1
Porcellian Club Centennial, 1791-1891
Moths and Butterflies of the United States, East of the Rocky Mountains: With Over 400 Photographic Illustrations in the Text and Many Transfers of Species From Life
Pomeroy: Romance and History of Eltweed Pomeroy's Ancestors in Normandy and England
Modern Artists
How to Become an Author: A Practical Guide
The British Aircraft Industry: Its Industrial and Commercial Potentialities
The Histories of Tacitus: An English Translation With Introduction, Frontispiece, Notes, Maps and Index
The Stamps of the German Empire
The Heraldry of the Stewarts: With Notes on All the Males of the Family, Descriptions of the Arms, Plates and Pedigrees
Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: An Elementary Text-Book
Fishes of the Philippine Islands
A Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners
Brahms: With Illustrations and Portraits
Poems of Places: Asia: Persia, India, Chinese Empire, Japan
Pictures in Colour of the Norfolk Broads: With Descriptive Notes
Les Miserables, (the Wretched): A Novel; Fantine
A Norwegian Ramble Among the Fjords, Fjelds, Mountains, and Glaciers: Among the Fjords, Fields, Mountains, and Glaciers
A History of the Hebrew People: From the Division of the Kingdom to the Fall of Jerusalem in 586 B. C
An Ethnography of the Huron Indians, 1615 1649
Nelson: His Life as Told by Himself
Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, Collected and Republished: Jean Paul Friedrich Richter; State of German Literature; Life and Writings of Werner
Descriptive Catalogue of Essential Oils and Organic Chemical Preparations
Shores of the Polar Sea: A Narrative of the Arctic Expedition of 1875-6
Religious Meditations for Violin and Piano or Organ
Adolescence: Its Psychology
The Caliphate: Its Rise, Decline, and Fall, From Original Sources
The Chemical Catechism, Twelfth: Edition
Military History of Ulysses S. Grant: From April, 1861 to April, 1865
Speeches and Writings of Swami Vivekananda: A Comprehensive Collection
Philosophy of the Practical Economic and Ethic: Translated the Italian of Benedetto Croce
Europe in China: The History of Hongkong From the Beginning to the Year 1882
British Exploits in South America: A History of British Activities in Exploration, Military Adventure, Diplomacy, Science, and Trade, in Latin-America
Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyrics: Embracing the Myths, Traditions
Financial History of the United States
Selected Writings of Edward Sapir: In Language, Culture and Personality
Josiah Warren, the First American Anarchist: A Sociological Study
Clinical Psychiatry: A Text-Book for Students and Physicians, Abstracted and Adapted From the Seventh German; Edition of Kraepelin's German Edition of Kraepelin's "Lehrbuch Der Psychiatrie"
Federal Procedure at Law
The Short-Story: Its Principles and Structure
The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America
Three Men of the Tudor Time
The Hand-Book of Wyoming and Guide to the Black Hills and Big Horn Regions: For Citizen, Emigrant and Tourist
Travels in the Year 1806, From Italy to England: Through the Tyrol, Styria, Bohemia, Gallicia, Poland, and Livonia
Principles of the Law of Partnership
"Pie-Powder" Being Dust From the Law Courts: Collected and Recollected on the Western Circuit, by a Circuit Tramp
The King's Threshold; On Baile's Strand; Deidre; Shadowy Waters
The Cloven Foot: Showing the Manipulations of the Clan-Na-Gael and Other Irish Organizations by Scotland Yard, the Secret Service Bureau of England
Hechinger Bros. And Co. Chairs, Reed and Rattan Rockers, Spring, 1900
John Wesley's Journal: From October 14, 1735 to February 1, 1737; Covering His Visit to America
The Lines of Demarcation of Pope Alexander Vi. And the Treaty of Tordesillas A. D. 1493 and 1494
A History of Miscou
Annals of the Derosset Family: Huguenot Immigrants to the Province of North Carolina Early in the Eighteenth Century
The English Madrigal School: A Guide to Its Practical Use
Regina, Polyphon and Harmonia Musical Boxes
Verdi's Rigoletto
One House, or a Hundred
Common Sense in Chess
The Seven Ages of Woman: And Other Poems
The Tin Mines and the Mining Industries of Perak and Other Papers
Gnomic Poetry in Anglo-Saxon: Edited With Introduction, Notes and Glossary
The Massacre of Glencoe and the Campbells of Glenlyon
The Genius of Free-Masonry and the Twentieth-Century Crusade
A Comparative Grammar of the Teutonic Languages
Roger of Wendover's Flowers of History: Comprising the History of England; From the Descent of the Saxons to A. D. 1235
History of Camden and Rockport Maine
Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution
The Acts of the Apostles: In the Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Comparative Grammar of the Greek Language
The Town Register: Greenwood, Bethel, Hanover, Woodstock, Gilead; 1911
Viger's Greek Idioms: Abridged and Translated Into English From Professor Hermann's Last Edition; With Original Notes
The Whole Works Most Rev. James Ussher, D.D: Lord Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of All Ireland; Now for Firts Time Collected, With a Life of the Author, and an Account of His Writings
Spiritual Letters of the Venerable Francis Mary Paul Libermann
The Foundation of Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford, And, on the Introduction of the Ass as a Beast of Burden Into Ireland
A Simplified Grammar of the Ottoman-Turkish Language
Social History of the Races of Mankind: Fourth Division; Dravido-Turanians, Turco-Tatar-Turanians, Ugrio-Turanians
Disease in Milk: The Remedy, Pasteurization
Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile: In the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, and 1773
Comparative Geography
To Ruhleben and Back: A Great Adventure in Three Phases
How to Choose and Use a Lens: Practical Photography, No; 3
Home-Made Poultry Appliances: What to Make and How to Make It
A Variational Calculation of the Elastic: Scattering of Electrons, by Hydrogen Atoms
The Mariner's Compass in an Iron Ship: How to Keep It Efficient, and Use It Intelligently, With Some Remarks on Electric Installation in Its Relation to the Compass
A Monograph on the Silk Fabrics of Bengal
The Girl That Disappears: The Real Facts About the White Slave Traffic
The Staff of Adam and the Shem-Hammerphorash: A Paper
The Silk Mill Guide: Boiling Off Silk, Conditioning, Yarn Numbering Calculations Momme Standard, Warp and Filling Tables, Air Moistening, Testing Raw and Thrown Silk, Artificial Silks
Songs for Little People
Forecasting the Yield and the Price of Cotton
The Mental Traits of Sex: An Experimental Investigation of the Normal Mind, in Men and Women
Gesta Grayorum, 1688

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