One Response to “The Most Respected Russian Marriage Agency”

  1. Jim Eisterhold says:

    Can you suggest or advice me as to whom I can turn to,I met a lovely Ukraine lady, in March, and we have talked almost every day since, but, some of what is going on with her has me concerned that she maybe getting ready to try and scam me out of money. I could be wrong, I wish I was, because I have fallen in love with her. She lives in Kherson, and supposedly owns apartments, I will skip some of the stories, but Tuesday she states that she is driving to Kiev to see some business that can come over to Missouri and create or make a business for her and then she can come over and we can then get married. Otherwise, she is not interested in the 7 month usual awaiting period. I am lost for words.

    Thank you for any help or advice.

    J E
    Jefferson City, Missouri

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