2 Responses to “Free Newsletter “The Naked Truth About Russian Women””

  1. ken hegge says:

    great job ,any idea about the number of Russian brides who came to America and Canada the past years ?

    • John Fisher says:

      My guess would be thousands. You know, there’s a lot of hype going around about Russian women scamming American guys, but consider that the dice roll both ways. There are probably just as many men who lie to Russian women about who they are, how much money they make, etc., etc. My Russian wife was married to another American man before me, and he made all nice-nice and lovey-dovey when he met her in Russia, but then when she came to America, he refused to even take her to the Dr. when she came down with Pneumonia. Another guy I know, told his Russian girl that he was a wealthy farmer, and when she came to America, all he wanted from her was to cook for him and clean his house. Then there was another guy I knew, who had been evicted from his apartment in America by his own sister. (Of course, he thought everyone was scamming him, I guess).

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