8 Responses to “How To Combat Cultural Differences In Marriage And Stay Happy”

  1. vsyny says:

    I can only speak to one example, but I have a friend who went to Russia (Siberia specifically) to meet a woman he found through an online relationship site. He eventually brought her back to the US and they married in less than a year. 8 years later (now) they have two beautiful kids and a happy marriage. The whole thing surprised the crap out of me – I swore he was going to get killed when he was in Russia. But I was wrong… it worked out well in the end, Green Card and all.

    With that said, I’m sure this is the exception more than the rule… but still… it can work.

  2. John41 says:

    I think it takes a lot of patience, mutual attraction, and genuine interest in each other’s languages and cultures to make it work.

  3. Keith841 says:

    I recently met a Ukrainian woman who has been in the U.S. for one year. She speaks a little english and we keep an electronic translator and two Russian/English dictionaries handy at all times. I can tell you guys that there will be miss understandings on the meaning of what you said or she said, so you must have an open mind and clarify exactly what she is trying to tell you. Dont assume anything! Keep things simple and talk slowly. Also, facial expressions and body language will be different than with American women.Be ready to understand that. It takes some getting used to.
    If you treat a Russian woman right,show her you care and that she is special she will give you all her heart and love. She will be totally committed to you. They’re so much better than American women it’s not even funny!

  4. Victoria says:

    My husband (american) found me the same way on the relationship site. We are together 4 years since then and had 2 beautiful girls. Except we live in my country and he suffers from not speaking russian. Its really hard on him to be here but there is some circumstances. My point is it is not an exception. I know allot of people with a happy ending. if there is love and patience we can work anything out!

  5. Hi Folks,
    Greetings from Russia!

    To Vsyny:
    I was surprised very much to learn that your friend — an American who dared to travel even to Siberia (unbelievable!!!) — was not eaten by a regular street Russian bear.

    In case if you are not kidding, I would like to ask you a question: What kind of “bear-repellent” did your friend use, if any?
    Or perhaps, by lucky chance, he appeared to be simply uneatable for the voracious Russian Bears?
    As is widely known, Russia is rife with wild bears.
    I was so stunned when having stumbled upon your comment, Vsyny, that I dropped my vodka bottle and startled my pet bear.



  6. Alan says:


    I stumbled across this response while poking around on the internet. I just wanted to tell you how hilarious it was! You have a magnificent sense of humor!

    I wanted to assure you that not all Americans are as closed-minded as the writer of the original message you read. Your response to it was very warming.

    Alan (also from the U.S.)

    PS: I laughed so hard I spilled hot coffee all over the bald eagle that was sitting next to me… 😀 )

  7. John Gray says:

    It is so very refreshing to hear positive comments about western men and slovenic(Russian and Ukranian and Belarusian) wemon! It seems there are so many arrogant pecimists out there that just love to slander these wemon! Some of the comments are so outrageously appauling it is unreal! To me, those are the guys, from their own comments, sounds like all they wanted was a beautiful younger woman for a maid and a sex toy! To all of you gentalmen and ladies who have found true love and happiness, I tip my hat to you! It sounds like you are the men that know how to treat a ladie RIGHT! When real men do that, their ladies treat them right also! We are all just men and wemon, no matter where we are from or the cultural differences. If we love each other, then that is all that has to be said!

  8. Sir2You says:

    I have lived in Ukraine now, for three years. I spend a lot of time in the Pizza Cafe. They play a mix of half American/British, and half Ukrainian/Russian. Most movies, most music is quite well known here, and it is quite common to see English words on clothing. Maybe what they said about music and culture was true a while ago, but not now.

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