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Are you one of those men who spend endless hours scrutinizing photos of Russian brides on the Internet? It’s so addictive, isn’t it?

Beautiful faces, stunning figures..dreams..dreams..dreams.

Luckily, there are many men who successfully transformed their dreams into reality.  In the blink of an eye they were able to turn their pen pal relationships with Russian women into phone conversations, then traveled to Russia, and finally a few months later hugged their sweethearts after arriving in America!

Exciting Journey! Amazing Time!

I Know, Because I Am One Of Those
So Called Russian Brides

Upon my arrival, I stepped out of the Boeing 757 with my heart beating so loud that I thought everybody heard it. I remember how terrified I was by a huge faceless, strangely speaking, airport crowd.

But a minute later, I saw my future husband standing in the middle of the crowd and holding a heart shaped balloon, so we could find each other easily. What a wonderful touching memory!

That’s how fairy tales end. But we know that when the Fairy Tale ends, the real life begins.

I wrote this book for men who are thinking about marrying a Russian woman and would like to have a preview of their marriage with a foreign wife. Well, you are welcome to take a glance.

There Are Three Major Parts To My Book

If You Marry A Russian Woman

Russian Wife


This chapter, will give you an exceptional opportunity to see American everyday life through the eyes of your Russian bride. You will understand what she may feel and think during her first months in the U.S. (before you even marry her.)

Some Stories Will Make You Laugh Loudly

Some Stories Will Amaze You

Some Stories Will Surprise You

You will learn how twisted things may seem for your Russian bride. Things which look very ordinary for you.

Note: of course, all people are different and your bride’s situation and actions could be very different from mine. But the main trend will be mostly the same.

When You Are In A Serious Mood,
Read The First Part Of My Book

You see, as a result of her unpreparedness and cultural shock, your Russian wife will  completely rely on your help, especially during her first year in the U.S.

You will be her everything.

If you help her to make the right decisions during this first year, she will be able to assimilate into her new life much quicker and easier, which in the end benefits both of you. This first year is crucial. And most mistakes made during this time could resonate in the future for a long time.

I tried to focus mainly on a few aspects of this “after-the-fairy-tale” life:

Language Barrier

Job Factor

Socialization With Americans

These are the three main issues that will stick with your Russian beauty for a very long time.
If you know how to deal with these issues, you will be three huge steps ahead.

Not only that, I will also help you to minimize expenses, and in many cases to get it  FREE.  Imagine saving hundreds of dollars just through these simple tips-you will thank me later.

In The Third Part Of My e-Book
, I Show You
How To Save Money During Your Marriage
To A Russian
Woman, and
How To Teach Her To Be Frugal

Why do you need it? You see, during my long lasting and happy marriage to an American, I realized how different are the attitudes toward money that Russians and Americans have.

We are from completely different cultures. And money issues could be a major misunderstanding in a Russian-American family. Read about the roots of these problems and learn how to smooth over these financial and cultural differences.

Based on the information in my book, your wife will be able to quickly adapt to the world of financial responsibilities in America.

Finally, You Will Find A Bonus Chapter
At The End Of My Book.

You might know that during her first year in the States, your Russian wife will go  through a few emotional steps.  And the first step will be the TOURIST’S attitude. She will feel like a tourist and will ask for more and more entertainment. Beware! It could drain your wallet pretty fast.

With these thoughts, I gathered in the bonus chapter some ideas on how to have fun on a short budget.

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If you read this book before your Russian bride arrives, you will be way ahead of the game because nothing will catch you by surprise.

My Insider’s Secrets Can Prevent You From
Making  Hundreds Of  Mistakes & Probably
Save You Thousands Of Dollars

Why do things the hard way when you can follow practical advice from a person who has “Been There, Done That!” I will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do in various  situations that might arise in your marriage. This is the best opportunity for you to have a preview of your future marriage to a Russian woman.

Look: as an author of the two bestselling books about Russian Brides, I won’t release a new book unless I can stand behind it 100%!  I know this information will greatly benefit you. It is exactly what you need to learn before you even think about  marrying a Russian woman.

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        Marina Smiley

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