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  1. Dylan says:

    I have been married to a Russian lady for the past 10 years. Our marriage is great, I’m not complaining, she is a housewife and she takes very good care of me and our family. I honestly could write pages on everything she does for me, she is very traditional. The only problem, she is very high maintenance, she always has to wear expensive clothes, expensive jewelry, drives an expensive car, and honestly believes no other woman is better then her (but when it comes to sex, that might be true). I have never seen so much pride in a person, it does not affect our marriage, she does not act this way with me, but she turns her nose up to everyone else, and sometimes it’s just embarrassing. I’m known to have the “stuck up” wife. Is this something common with Russian women? or maybe just mine?

    • Fernando Garcia says:

      I agree! I married my wife 7 years ago and she takes care of me and my son very well. She is a great wife and a great mother! A very hard worker! Very traditional indeed.

      But like many other Russian woman, she is very high maintenance and very sexual in looks. She usually is the most beautfiul in the room. The problem is (and I have had other friends whom are married to Russian women tell me the same thing), as sexy and sexual as her facade looks, she is very conservative in the bed. I don’t understand how a woman can dress so sexy (show cleavage and short slit skirts), and yet be sooo conservative in the bed. I just don’t get that.

      I did not realize how common this phenomena was!
      Still, I would not trade her for the world.


  2. Jack says:

    my teacher was from russia and she said the women there take pride in their looks…wear lots of makeup, high heels and carry themselves like models.

  3. Alan Ross says:

    Hello ,I really don’t know where to start ,But I’m looking for some feedback ,I have been dateing this 28 year old from Russia for about Three weeks now . I met her from a site that she contacted me after I canceled it ,,I some how used my email address for a web page and the Dateing service never caught it , and it gave Info on how to contact me . any way I fell in love with this Russian Girl through Comunacatting and it seems so serious now and how I feel We both want to get Married ,
    I’m still In question If it is for real or not. She says she’s a christion girl and has never ben Had ,and that all Russian Men Were Just want one thing ,and turned them down, she Looks Good and pretty But Not over done with Makup at all , she’s a farm girl and works hard feeding cows for work ,,she Goes to church every Sunday,
    and she Loves God ,, We have a lot in Comen that way , and this is what I’ve been looking for all my life , she says she wants to love Only me and never another ,
    She is so convinceing She really loves me now for what Ive talked about with her ,,I’m very honest with her and told her many things ,that she likes about me and in just these three weeks now we have devoleped a tight relationship through prayer and comunation with one another, that I just can’t believe its happened on how I feel I feel Like a Kid again and all is new and I now have something to look forward to the rest of my life.
    I also feel that maybe from What I’ve been learning from these Russian women They are a far cry from what American Women are like ,They seem to be more careing for their Men then American women ,,and more loving and careing ,and not selfish ,, Thats a plus in My book.
    I know basicly, THIS Girl wants America Too.,, but also some Happyness also with a good man she says I am .. I may live ten years or maybe more ,,she’ll be still young and by then have been matured to America ways by then..and still have a good life and Go on with life ,,Maybe with My new Kids It’s almost like a 2ed chance for me I f only I knew how to get this done ,,I know I don’t have that kind of money ,,to get her here ,,and I’m not sure how all the laws are how to do this passport thing ,,
    She went to make plans to fly to America and was heart broken and said –She wont be able to come be with me , but at first didn’t say why. After I read her letter and it also said she hoped I still loved her but thought I wouldn’t write back.. I wrote back and begged her to tell me why it has happened ,,,She wrote back and said ,One was because of her passport was only good for Russia,,and No. 2 The Airline was going to cost About 1,400 Dollars to Fly . Now I have been on the internet trying to figuar how to work this all out and If ican try and get a better price ,,and also how to help her get a USA Pass port . Now I’ve Done a lot of research On a lot of Scams ,,and I’m still a little Skecpt about this one , There’s much to say about this Girl that I have a Gut Feeling that It’s probably Going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me ,,I’m 65 years old ,,and I don’t look it , and shes 28 ,,and it’s hard to believe that she could want a man older then her ,,and she said that age don’t mean anything it’s just a number ,,and It’s the Man in me she got to know by our writting to me . She was one out of Two that caught my web page that I camofloged on the Dateing site . The Other Girl I was talking to was also saying she was in love with me the same time this one was ,,and Iwas getting confused ..Who was real and who was not … But It all turned out that I Caught the other one in a lie after she had asked me for a great deal of Money because she had to pay for her child to go to school ,,about $650 Dollars she asked to borrow , and I knew then It was a scam ,,although she kept on telling me she was in love with me ,, after She didn’t get it ?? I never heard from her again I even told her I knew she was scaming me . This one I’m still wondering about If it’s just a way to get Here in the States and For me to pay for it ..even though she never asked me for a dime ,,she just said that she was sad and Hoped I wouldn’t stop writting to her . and maybe she could save her money and would come later when she got it plus her pass port, I’m wanting to believe her ..
    and I told her I would do everything I could to get her here ,, Yes I feel that shge’s some kind of angel From God ,,and I’ll never find another like her .. I don’t even know who you are But as I read your page ,,Iwas hopeing for some encorragement as to how to go about getting her here with me ,,It’s so complacated all these Russian rules and Pass ports and laws ,,how do I go about all this ,,Could you give some addvice ?? I would appreacate it ,,Just write Feed back Note I’ll read it ,, I feel that If I got another Ten Years On this earth ,I would like a little bit Of happyness before I go ,,I’ve Had nothing But a lot of Mental torment towards me in the last ten years from my past wife ,,Now Divorced and drove me Finiancially down hill also .I want to believe that God has sent me an angel I Thankyou If whomeever responds —– Alan

    • kris says:

      Hi Alsn
      i came across this website while looking as to how divorce a ukarainian woman. Please be very careful, i married a ukrainian woman just over a year ago and to be honest since she has been here she is totslly different, very demanding, impatient, aggressive and wants her own way all the time, she also told me that i am the man of her dreams and she only marries for life and that i was the one she gave her heart too yet i found out she has been meeting and keeping in touch with a guy from belgium while visiting her parents in russia. i cannot stand the stress anymore, i am ten years older than her and have treat her like a queen but nothing is enough, their culture is very different to ours and although she can be very loving she can be equally very cold harsh and moody. I would think carefully before you use your own finances for visa and passports and marriage and support etc. i am a genuine caring person who always puts others first, im very patient and very understanding and very forgivving but this last year and a half has been tiring, draining both mentally and physically. my wife didnt ask me for money only a little bit for her trip here when she came on a visitors visa, she does cook and clean etc but to me happiness peace and calm is more important than housework duties, im good at housework myself and when you love someone money is not important, just materialistic but please i warn you to be careful, you say you are 65 she is alot younger, she will most likely be keeping in touch with other men and using you, no matter how much she tells you she loves you it is just words… believe me i have been through it all, she cant even look in my eyes and tell me she loves me, she tells me she loves me but doesnt look me in the eyes, she is very affectionate infront of others but in the house is very different and very argumentative yet did not appear to be like that when i first met her, we kept in touch over skype, phone, email and letters, we met a few times in person in prague and kiev in ukraine then i paid for her to come here…. big mistake, they dont like our culture, they dont like the weather, they always think their country and people are better than us and harder workers… please think about what you are doing, dont be sucked in,
      best of luck

    • Bruce says:


      I ran across a similar situation and for the record I’m also from the Baby Boom Generation but keep myself in better physical shape and health than men better than half my age because I’m a personal trainer. I was also married for 17 years to an American woman – what a waste of my youth. Anyway be very careful when they start asking for money, especially when you have never meet the lady in person. It sounds like a scam to me. I somewhat know my way in Russia because I have been there before on official business. The “young lady” I communicated with over trhe internet was very convincing since the pictures and the place she said she was from was accurate since I was actually in her town in the past. But over time the scammer started to slip up and I gave them a “test” and they knew they couldn’t pass it so they left me alone to then as I found out later scammed some poor guy for close to 50K. Do yourself a favor and click on one of these pretty ladies’s pictures that appear on Marina’s website and it will take you to Elena Petrova’s website,www.russianwomen.com. Elena makes sure that the women you meet “are the real deal” and not scammers to toy with your emotions and just take your money. Anyway be careful and good luck.

    • bigpig says:

      Hi Alan,

      If you are still reading this. Your story sounds like a CLASSIC scam. You can bet yourself anything and you could win. Walk, Run, Sprint away from this!!!

      Otherwise, you will be left picking up your broken heart without your wallet.

  4. scott says:

    yeah, i don’t have much in the way of info. to offer you. i am currently emailing this 28 year old women named natayla from russia. it sounds like the same deal. i’m sure money is going to come up sooner or later. yeah, i’m like twenty years older than her, no big deal. i’m not falling for any of this. it’s a fact single men are constant targets for scammers, we get taken for a ride constantly. internet dating sites are well aware of this when it comes to middle aged american men. if you got the money and you don’t care how you spend it or what it takes to get her and maybe some of her family here and that she will probably be gone sone there after, go for it. i kind of look at it this way: you’re liberating another human from that s**t hole known as russia. i know there is no way i could afford all the high priced stuff that goes along with russian women, why bother. i’m being over run by two cultures in different directions. this lady that emails me is way pretty too, thin, blond, it’s like if she lived in the states she wouldn’t give me the time of day, of course if i’m paying for it she aint really giving me anything right/ whatever.

  5. Inna says:

    Hello foreign men. I am Ukrainian woman, but u must know now that Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian women are all the same, maybe some little difference. I am sorry but i am shocked when i read about your marriages with difference in age. Big difference in like 25 years. I could accept difference in 20 but still it is not so good.
    I agree with one of the author that beauty doesnt appear of nothing. Yes there are certain factors like beauty from birth ( features of face and body)in slavenic women, but anyway most of us take care about it during our life by many artifitial things like make-up, different products for hair, nails, skin, nice cloths ( not importantly expensive, just feminine) and fitness ( fitness you can understand also running to work on 10 cm heels and back, then go shopping and all evenings doing work at home :-))) )
    Maybe it depends on the woman or on the foreign man she marries, but personally me became not so attractive when i relocated to my man’s country. Not because i became lazy or had few time for myself, but because not enough money to do this. My ex thought beauty is eternal without no tryings. Well i am very pretty from myself, from nature, but GOOD care makes me to look amazing, attractive, sexy, young and real woman. I dont say about gold and diamonds, expensive cloths and cars. I say about simple things to what my ex was greedy. No make-up, no good conditioner for hair, no hair-drier because of economy of electricity, no skin lotions, no nail polishing, nothing. It was something, but not enough. This greediness is something. Will make you look like shit. And all this happens because we are dependent on men first years of marriage, cant learn other laguage so fast, stress of immigration (!) , have never felt such emptiness like this, no ability to work, some work you really like to do, actually all sacrifice. But of course i tell only about my experience. I know many russian happe with their foreign man, look happy, look nice, with all care and love. Please dont see me as some material woman, because i am not. I just need a little more than hair brush for you to like me and continue to love. So if you really want to have russian wife, think good if you are ready to help her, support, at least 1 or 2 years, understand that she is from different culture, and understand that nothing good will not be without good putting (providing). You cant have garden full of flowers if you didnt plant it many days yourself or didnt pay for this job, bright coloured day needs big bright summer sun.
    I live in my native country, and with my small salary i can look as i like, i look in the mirror and see pretty, young, happy woman who is not slave and toy in somebody’s hands.
    Thank you very much, wish that your dreams will come true.

    • John Gray says:

      It is refreshing to hear a womans point of view! It seems all the men are seriously bashing the slavic wemon. I dont get it, maybe they got involved with some bad wemon or they just thought they could have a live sex toy. From some of the comments ive read, I am ashamed to be a guy! Some men just do not respect or treat wemon right, but its all the wemons fault. I say whatever on that one, just remember guys it takes 2 to tango! And all the men who disagree with me, take a look in the mirror.There are 2 sides to everything!Realistically guys, it CANT be their faults all the time!

  6. Steve says:

    Guys, don’t fall for these goldiggers — looking for a green card. Plenty of hotties in you own countries. These women will break you financially.

  7. William says:

    Not only I went 3 years of incarceration because I brought them to USA they file restraining orders take everything you have and put you in prison. 3 years for a phone call violation of injuction court order in Florida!!!!! this is what after 11 years together in Europe they can not do this because here they take advantage of laws and with lies destroy your life. Then they look for another victim….to marry here…..

  8. William says:

    After 11 years marriage together and raise her daughter from 6 years old because her father died the thank you for bringing them to USA was 3 years in prison for me. lost of all my property and funds and worst criminalize me as felon and destroy my health physical and mental. This is the Ukrainian bride I pick up in europe blyad!!!!

  9. I love tea. The way it tastes and smells. I prefer it way more then I do soda. its also better for you too.

  10. zlyihdia says:

    Inna – great summary. Women should better keep off from fags who need “low maitenance” princess 🙂

  11. Southener says:

    1st. Never send money to anyone overseas! Ever!!
    2nd. You must go to them in their country. Meet their family, friends and spend time with them all.
    3rd. Spend time with her…on dates…on weekends…at least a week the first trip over.
    4th. Make at least three trips to see her spending at least a week each time. Its expensive but not nearly as expensive as a divorce. You want to be sure- she needs to be sure!
    5th. Save your emails as proof of relationship for INS. Talk to an immigration lawyer in NY that specialises in Russian visa’s. Let him do the paperwork. Cheaper in the long run.
    6th. Do not marry her there. Bring her to America on a tourest visa and then get the ball rolling. You have as much as two years on a tourest visa if the law stays the same. K-1 married visa’s are tedious and down right hard to do- even with a lawyer.
    7th. On your first visit buy her a Rosetta Stone ENGLISH learning program so she can get started on the language. Give it to her! If she needs a laptop buy her one on the cheap $300 at some stores- load the program for her.
    8th. Instant mail her often and SKYPE her often. No skype- no deal! She will have to use an internet cafe but it can be done.
    9th. When its time to bring her to the USA- Go get her! Round trip for you- round trip for her! let her know she can go home if she so chooses at any time! Give her some spending money right away. A few hundred dollars to buy WHATEVER with.
    10th. and I cant stress this enough: NEVER SEND, WIRE, MAIL, WESTERN UNION OR BANK TRANSFER anyone money! Not even a ruble. Dont do it. Ever, Ever Ever.

    ps. Take the 1st year and get to know each other. Make it easy on you both. save yourself a lot of heart ache. These women have a mind of their own and you do not have a clue about her yet.

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